The Strange Being - MAPIT Archieves 1977

This investigation was conducted in 1977 by MAPIT investigators:



The following incident came to the attention of MAPIT during February 1977. The encounter was witnessed by three children (two of them twins aged ten years old). Their parents are very respectable people and due to possible bad publicity, they do not wish their names to be used. Therefore, the children shall be referred to as Susan and John Harris.


Before I go any further I wish to point out that the third witness, whom shall be referred to as Paul Smith, was not interviewed; the reason being that when he was contacted by MAPIT, he denied all knowledge of the incident. Upon speaking to John Harris it became clear that Paul's parents had told him to say nothing to anyone.


The incident took place in North Reddish, Stockport, Cheshire, UK. The exact date is not known, but the events took place in the latter part of August 1976, on a Friday afternoon between the hours of 12.00 noon and 1.00pm. The area in which the observation occured is a long plot of waste land overlooked by Reddish Vale Golf Club with railway lines running alongside. Further to end of this land is a local Primary School and reservoir.


The children were playing on the waste land, around a hut which had been constructed for them by a neighbour. Susan was tired and thirsty so she went into the hut to make herself and the boys some orange drinks. The boys remained outside playing by some bushes. Suddenly the boys saw a flash of silver pass before their eyes, and heard a crackling noise coming from the direction of the bush. Then, from within the bushes, there appeared a figure wearing a silver, one-piece garment. He had a short grey beard and yellow, longish hair. The boys stood aghast because he was floating about six inches above the ground! Then all of a sudden the figure vanished.

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Meanwhile, Susan was completing the drinks as was unaware, at this point, of the incident outside: But then she heard a rustling noise outside the hut and then as she looked through the window she saw for herself the same bearded figure, who was staring into her face. She did not know who it was so she stared back at him. The figure then removed a small shovel from a belt around his waist and began digging up samples of soil and placing them in a small see-through bag around his waist.


Susan for some reason then felt scared and screamed for the boys. As soon as she did this, the figure again vanished into thin air. She ran outside and after discussing the incident the children agreed it was the same figure. The children then decided to look around and see if he was still about the area. They all began to walk towards the school playground neaby, and then spotted him, he was near the school fence, bent over taking more samples.


After a few minutes the figure appeared to go into the ground and again had disappeared. As they walked nearer the school fence they saw a silver, saucer-shaped object rise slowly from the playground and move off in a westerly direction until out of sight.


The figure was as tall as Susan and John's father, who is 5'-9", it had a very pale complexion and was wearing a one-piece silver garment, "like a track suit". The pants at the bottom did appear to be "elastic-like" and there were also four or five buttons running down along the chest. The hair was yellow with a grey beard, the eyes were like "cats" or with a shovel and plastic (?) sample bags hanging all the way round. The footwear appeared to be boots with thick black soles on them, the hands were covered with silver gloves. No sound or smell was emitted at any time from the figure.


It is unfortunate that we found out about this case after so long a delay, since any possible traces had long sinced disappeared. One part of the encounter which does sound like fantasy, is when the figure allegedly went into the ground.


On Investigation at the exact spot where the figure had been bending, a possible explanation was uncovered. As the children were about 400 yards away from the figure, they could have mistaken his bending down in a hollow and ducking under the fence (which was broken at the exact spot) and walking into the playground, as going into the ground. This is quite feasible remembering the rough land in between the figure and the young witnesses.


In closing, may I say that I was very impressed by the Harris family and I am keeping in touch with them in case of any further developments. If there is  anyone reading this who would like to prove the "teenager observer" aspect, I would very much like to hear from them:






Comiled by the late David Rees (MAPIT Founder) and investigator Dean Preston.

This document is exactly how it was written back in 1977 - No alterations have taken place.

Reconstructed by Steve Mera BSc - (current MAPIT Chair).

MAPIT Archive 264 - 1977.

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