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Residential Investigation: Case No. 26422

Sighting of a UFO landing and Missing Time

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Residential Investigation

Case No. 26422

Investigation carried out privately

on behalf of the clients.

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It was on Christmas Day, 1994, that Robert Shawe claimed to have seen a UFO outside his Urmston home. He had decided to head out to Manchester City Centre to sample the nightlife so he ordered a taxi for 10.00pm. At approximately 9.40pm, Shawe glanced out of his window and noticed an aircraft at what he considered to be at high altitude. He continued to watch in horror as the aircraft started to plummet towards the ground. Robert breathlessly waited for the impact, which never happened.


Puzzled, Shawe looked out of the window towards a clearing no more than 30 feet away. Hovering silently, about 100 feet above the trees, was the aircraft that Shawe thought had crashed. It was now that he realised the craft was nothing like anything he had seen before. The large column-shaped craft had five red lights in a sideways formation which, although they were shining brightly, surprisingly did not illuminate the surrounding area. The craft slowly descended into the clearing and Shawe noticed that there did not appear to be any sound emanating from the object. Eager for a closer look, Shawe headed outside towards the clearing. He had not travelled far, when he claims that he was overtaken by an innate kind of fear - the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end and his mind was awash with negative thoughts.


Understandably shaken, Shawe turned tail and fled back to his home, to wait for the taxi he had ordered earlier. Shawe claims that he cannot remember anything after returning to his flat until he woke up in his bed the following morning. Despite repeated attempts, Shawe could not clearly recall anything about the previous night, except the mysterious craft. A daylight investigation of the clearing yielded some interesting findings. We came across some flattened reeds, which were broken at the base, covered in a black substance and all facing in the same direction. Following his unusual incident, Shawe was plagued with a succession of bizarre dreams, involving himself being manipulated by humanoid-like creatures. Shawe was completely convinced that these dreams were memories of actual events, rather than a product of his imagination.


It wasn’t until nine months after his encounter that Shawe eventually contacted MAPIT with his story. It appeared, initially at least, that the investigation would rely solely upon witness testimony, since it seemed unlikely that there would be any physical evidence left at the site of the incident. But surprisingly, we managed to obtain soil and plant samples from inside and outside the affected area. The photographs that were taken indicated a circular shape within the clearing measuring just over 18 feet in all directions. The circle appeared to be due to a lack of normal plant growth - the flattened reeds, incidentally, have never grown back. Three trees to the East of the site seemed to show extensive heat damage from the base to about 40 feet up the trunk.


With some assistance from investigator Tony Eccles we were able to have a professional analysis carried out on the samples by the Environmental Science Department of Manchester University. Shawe was interviewed and was clearly still attempting to account for the missing time from that night. Shawe was found to be an intelligent and rational person, who simply could not make any sense out of his experience. Following several interviews, Shawe gave mention to having hypnosis. He was informed of the procedure and of course the problems that could occur. He was adamant, therefore, hypnosis was conducted in an attempt to regain his lost memories. Shawe’s hypnosis was undertaken by a professional psychoanalyst, with over 20 years of experience in his field.


At this point I would like to mention that MAPIT now operate a No Hypnosis Policy as we believe hypnosis is rather useless at elliciting the truth, however, some interesting details can be obtained...


During the regression, Shawe retraced his steps and it became clear that he had in actual fact ventured farther into the clearing than he had previously thought. It was at this point that Shawe began to feel uncomfortable and decided to head back to his flat. When he arrived back, he checked the time on his watch, which read 10.30pm. However, the journey should have only taken a few minutes when, in fact, over 40 minutes had elapsed. Shawe also remembered that his shoes were covered in mud, yet his conscious mind was convinced that he had only walked on the concrete path. As a result of the hypnosis, Shawe was now able to draw what he had seen; he paid particular attention to the craft, portraying the entities around it as secondary items. Shawe believed that the column shaped craft was organic in nature and he also claims to have spoken with one of the figures, although the nature of that conversation has yet to be revealed by Shawe. Shawe's drawing of the object can be seen above...


Shawe also gave mention to other peculiar experiences he had as a child along with his family. Shawe’s brothers, sisters and mother confirmed the odd experiences that included UFO sightings, missing time, strange lights and unusual humanoid-like beings.


Above, you can see a painting of the entity Shawe claims to have communicated with. MAPIT tracked down the taxi firm who Shawe claimed to have contacted on the night of the incident. Unfortunately they were unable to help unless the information was required for an official police investigation. However, they did confirm - off the record - that there was a ‘No Show’ on that night. Indicating that Shawe was either not at his home when the taxi came or his was not aware it was there.


Air Traffic Control confirmed no scheduled flights over the Urmston area during the times given on the night. The results of the analysis confirmed that the bark from the trees had been burnt by intense heat. The soil also showed distinctly different mineral oil content between the controlled and affected samples. Outside the area, the mineral oil in milligrams, per kilogram, was 95% higher than inside the area. There did not appear to be any reasonable explanation. The pH balance of the soil was also different, but it was suggested that this is quite normal for soil from the river Valley.  For now the case remains unsolved.....



Compiled By Steve Mera.

Special Thanks to NARO, Tony Eccles & Peter Hough.