The Christmas Star


Was the Christmas star a Supernova which is the name given to an exploding star ?  Was it a Comet, a planet or a conjunction of planets ? These are questions that for many years mankind has tried to answer.

Eastern Christians believe that Christ was in fact born on January 6th. Other believe that is was in fact December 25th. However, the two aforementioned dates maybe incorrect. The most feasible date would be September 15th 7 B.C. and this is how it was calculated.


We know through records that Joseph and his family escaped taxation. If they hadn't, there would be evidence of them paying tax through use of records. It is reasonable to state that this is why they might have fled to the East, only to find themselves at Bethlehem. The taxation record that does not show any indication of Joseph and his family. This was conducted during 8 B.C. Also the mention of three kings that visited the young child is incorrect.


They were however wise men and in them days these wise men would have certainly been astrologers and astronomers, hence the wise men recognising the strange event in the sky, such as the Christmas Star. These wise men traveled East to Bethlehem on horseback as camels were only used to carry baggage. These wise men would have certainly avoided the desert, thus taking several months to reach their destination. In that case, Jesus would of in fact been around the age of three months when they arrived.


There is also mention of King Herod who was worried about the birth of a leader of Jews, hence (Jesus Christ). He ordered that every child up to the age of two years to be killed. This indicates that he did not know the exact date of the birth. It is written that when herald died there was a full eclipse of the moon. Calculations show that a full Lunar eclipse did in fact take place during 1 and 4 B.C.  This indicates our search from 1 to 8 B.C.  However our current calendar is wrong!  During 513 A.D. The Romans changed the calendar to their Roman year and not only is there less weeks in the year, there are several years a miss. They calculated the birth of Christ to be in the latter part of December.


Could the Christmas Star have been a Comet ?  Comets are formed from the edge of the galaxy which is called the Ort Cloud. The best known comet is in fact Hally's Comet, that travels past us every 76 years. So if we work on that theory, Hally's comet would have been visible during 12 B.C. thus indicating that this was not responsible. Another smaller comet would have been seen during 5 B.C. However, this would of been seen as insignificant and hardly worth following as it was very small and distant.


Could it have been a planet or a conjunction of planets ?  Well, interesting theory. If it was a single planet, it could only have been Venus, however, this planet would have been seen periodically, thus not indicating anything spectacular. A conjunction of planets is the most likely theory. Venus passes in front of Jupiter every 247 years, giving use an alignment. The last recorded incident took place in 1818. So it is not due to take place until the year 2065. However this did occur during 2 B.C. So does this indicate the birth of Christ being in fact 2 B.C.?  


If so this does not tie in with the taxation dates, which was 8 B.C. What about any other planetary conjunction's. Jupiter and Saturn were found to have had a conjunction in 7 B.C. and this would have also been brighter, hence being the two largest planetary object in our solar system, and also would have been visible for a longer period. This conjunction would have lasted several months. In fact the two planets would have been seen from the given area, three times in main conjunction, hence being their brightest. The first would have occurred on May 22nd 7 B.C. then seen again on October 6th, and finally rising together on the morning of September 15th through to December 1st 7 B.C.


Could the Christmas Star be false ?  Many records show that kings were born and died whilst comets were seen overhead, however, many of these claims are untrue. It was stated that since the days of King Herods death and that a full lunar eclipse was allegedly visible at the time, that other Kings should have this same honour. So let it be said from this day forward that many a great man be born or die as a comet passes, indicating the death of a great person or the birth of a King. We do know that such a comet was seen for approximately 70 days in the East during 5 B.C. However most of the evidence points towards the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.


Could it have been a Meteorite ?  It is not often that a meteorite is seen so clearly and are never seen to last for such a long period of time. Could it have been the birth of a star. These are rarely seen, however, there are two such recorded incidents. The Greeks recorded one in 1054 A.D. and the best being recorded in 1572 A.D. near the constellation of Caseopear. Also take into consideration a death of a star or a Supernova. These sometimes can be seen in brilliance just before they burn out or become a Neutron star or better known as a Pulsar, which act like a lighthouse. Rotating and giving off a beam of light.


The result of many such Supernovas are left as Nebula which are often seen for hundreds of years, hence the Crab Nebula, which in fact shrinks and grows over the years Going backwards and forwards until it diminishes. The brilliance of a Supernova can be visible for several weeks. Well the best fitting theory to date is the Jupiter and Saturn conjunction that occurred during 7 B.C. and also indicates the birth of Christ to be the 15th of September 7 B.C. and not as everyone claims it to be. In all, the whole event might not have even taken place, but if it did. Rest ashore we will inevitably construct a plausible and rational explanation to the Christmas Star and the Birth of Christ given time.......



Compiled by Steve Mera.

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