Residential Investigation: Case No. 26423

Sighting of a UFO and Photograph

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Residential Investigation

Case No. 26423

Investigation carried out privately

on behalf of the clients.

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On Tuesday 29th of March 2005 whilst on holiday at Tyn Ros Caravan Park Angelsey Wales, (located near Molfe). My father (Mr. Alex Mera) witnessed a large dark coloured cigar shaped object in the sky. The sighting took place whilst looking out to sea at 5.00pm. The object was viewed for around 4 minutes. In that duration the object moved from right to left, then arced upwards and ascended relatively quickly into cloud.


The MET Office and RAF Valley confirm the cloud height to be 12,000 feet and 6/8ths cloud cover. Wind speed was 8 knots westerly. The strange object was black in colour and maintained a constant tilt. It had no visible wings or tail, no engines or visible propulsion method, no sound or any aircraft recognition lighting or markings.


My two daughters accompanying my father also witnessed the object, and all claim to have seen it glint in a refection of sunlight as if it were dark but metallic in nature. Due to the elevation of the object, cloud height, duration of sighting, angel of arc, an approximation of size would be huge. At this time we can calculate the object to be at least the size of a 747 jumbo jet. The object was not seen again, however a couple walking on the near by Lygwy beach were heard in discussion regarding this strange object. No further information at this time, we are awaiting further details from other sources.


Using the data given it is possible to work out a maximum size of the object. Unfortunately because the initial sighting was overhead it would be impossible to estimate the distance between the object and the given cloud base to come up with an accurate measurement. If that data was used the size of the object would have been ten times its likely size so it may be estimated that the object was indeed lower and likely to have been at an altitude of around 365 metres (1200 feet).


Given that the cloud base was 3657 metres (12000 feet) and that it covered the length of the tip of the observers little finger (1 cm or 10mm) and that the object seen entering this cloud base at 70 degrees we can use basic trigonometry to estimate it’s maximum size.


The distance to the object is 3675 (cloud base) divided by the sin of 12 degrees. This gives us 3891 metres or 3.891 Km or for those of us who think the metric system is a fad 2.481 miles.


Using the arms length rule of 0.65m and the size of the little fingertip (10mm) for reference we can now calculate it’s maximum size.


Object length = 0.01mm * 3891m /0.65 = 59.86m


So using the calculations we have an object length of 59.86 metres or 196 feet.


As a side note from other data given the object moved the distance of 3.891 km (2.481 miles) in four minutes which gives us a speed of 36.04 mph or 58 kph.


We can also assume that if the object was indeed originally seen at an altitude of 365 metres (1200 feet) and four minutes later disappeared into the cloud base at 3675 metres (12000 feet) that it climbed 10800 feet during those four minutes (approx 45 ft per second).


At this moment in time, even though the object resembles a solar balloon it seems to have certain characteristics that lead you to believe otherwise.


Conclusion: Currently Unknown...



Compiled by Steve Yarwwod & Steve Mera.