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Trevor Lodge - 1994
Local Historian

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Lucinda June - 1994
Alleged Psychic

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Judy & David Simpson - 1994
Maried Couple

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Nigel Brooke - 1994

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Graham Brooke - 1994
Marathon Runner

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John Beet - 1994
Special Contable

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PC Ellis - 1994
Deepcar Police Officer

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Peter Owens - 1994
Security Company Site Manager

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Melbourne - 1998
Haulage Driver

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Neville - 1998
Local Bus Driver & Resident

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Mike Lee - 1998
Security Company Managing Dir

Stocksbridge Bypass - A Critical Analysis.

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The investigation of the alleged paranormal incidents in the vicinity of the Stocksbridge Bypass has been constructed by Steve Mera and Kirst D'Raven of the UPIA. A ten year investigation carried out by both investigators independently. In 2010, Steve and Kirst came together to compile a thorough report on the alleged incidents. A joint MAPIT and UPIA investigation...

The little town of Stocksbridge lies at the Northern end of the Don Valley, close to Sheffield and Barnsley in South Yorkshire. Over the last few centuries, this town has grown from a small hamlet into what was, prior to the closure of the Steelworks, a thriving industrial town. The bridge from which the town takes its name is no longer there, but was no more than an old wooden footbridge which forded the river now known as the Little Don, the word Don being a variation of ‘dun’, describing the colour of the water. According to research the word 'Stocks' may have ancient origins; having connections with monastic buildings and possibly an 18th Century tenant known as John Stocks. The town played its part in the industrial revolution, with a cotton mill constructed in 1794, which was later to be taken over by the steelworks during the 1800's. Due to the need for fuel for the constantly working furnaces, the townsfolk soon decided to extract the coal from the nearby hillsides, and due to the high demand for this resource, children from the age of five and upwards were often sent to the mines to work.

Many will recognise the name Stocksbridge for its alleged paranormal disturbances, and if you were to type 'Stocksbridge Bypass' into any internet search engine you would find hundreds of websites featuring numerous stories about the experiences people claim to have had in the vicinity. Especially those that were reported to have taken place during the latter '80's in the vicinity of a newly constructed bypass, which opened on May Friday the 13th 1989 - many have even attributed the deaths of over 24 people involved in traffic accidents on the bypass to the sighting of an alleged ghostly monk. Of course, the poor layout of the bypass, its blind spots, poor lighting and speeding vehicles are obviously not taken into consideration - half of all traffic using the bypass on weekends was shown to exceed the 60mph speed limit, despite a high police presence. In an attempt to subdue rumors that the A616 bypass was a bit of a death trap, further adjustments were made incorporating numerous overtaking lanes, warning signs and a speed control zones monitored by overhead cameras. Since the effort to make the bypass safer, serious injuries or deaths have dropped by 82%.

However, there is a legend regarding a local monk. Trevor Lodge, a local historian, had heard of such a rumour. That of a monk who becoming disillusioned with the harsh way of life at a nearby monastery, and had left and found work as a gardener at Underbank Hall. There he had lived the rest of his natural life, but because he had left the monastery the monk was buried in unhallowed ground on a nearby hillside. A hillside that is now cut through by the A616 Stocksbridge Bypass. According to the legend, his spirit is at unrest due to his grave being disturbed. There are also rumours that ghostly figures of children seen in the area may either be those that were buried alive during mining accidents, or killed when a cart carrying youngsters home from a day out overturned.

At first, incidents went undetected by the local press, thus many knew nothing of the so called paranormal hotspot – that is until it had television coverage by numerous TV shows which included 'Strange But True' with Michael Aspel and Inca TV's Production, 'Ghosthunters', after which a huge influx of 'Ghost Hunters' from all over the country descended upon the small town.

Police were often called to the scene as growing masses of individuals calling themselves ‘paranormal investigators’ began to cause chaos. Farmers and local residents were angered at the constant tide of people, armed with cameras and ghost detecting equipment. Some ‘organisations’ even went as far as to charge groups of people for a kind of tour of the ‘spooky’ location, witness accounts range from the mundane to the outrageous and are often duplicated, but all can be traced back to a series of events that allegedly began during the early hours of September 7th 1987...

During the construction of the bypass, a security team were employed to ensure the safety of the site. A number of small mobile offices were situated at the site from which the security team worked. Stan and Ian’s shift that night started like any other, with a patrol of the construction site. At around 12.36am. Stan and Ian claimed that they were in their patrol vehicle, driving up Pearoyd Lane close to the steelworks site when they saw children playing near the half constructed bridge. The children were next to an electrical pylon and seemed to be skipping about. Stan immediately noticed that the children’s clothing was unusually out-dated. They thought it unusual for children to be out playing at such an unusual hour in such a remote area, so they parked the van, grabbed their torches and started to walk towards them. However, on reaching the location, they were both surprised to find no one there. The children had apparently vanished and no footprints could be seen in the muddy ground…

Still puzzled as to what they had seen the following morning, Stan and Ian mentioned the night’s events to the construction workers, who told them that they too had occasionally heard children’s voices whilst they rested in some of the onsite caravans during the night. Stan and Ian, a little spooked, tried to put the event out of their minds. However, the incidents that took place the next night(September 8th) would not be so easy to forget. Stan and Ian were once again driving up Pearoyd Lane towards the site, when something caught their eye.

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