The Scientific Establishment of Parapsychology


Non-Profit Organisation

Parapsychological Testing & Research

Established in 1996


In association with MAPIT

The Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena

Established in 1974


SEP investigate claims of Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP) abilities and Profound Human Exprieces (PHE).

SEP research programs are constantly taking place.

The current programs include the following:


1. Discussion of philosophical issues and history surveys.

2. Analytical Research : Statistical Analysis of large databases.

3. Case Studies: In-depth studies of personal PSI experiences.

4. Field Investigations and comparisons of cross-cultural beliefs and practices related to PSI.

5. Theoretical Research: Mathematical, descriptive and phenomenological models of PSI.

6. Experimental Research : Attempting to use and produce laboratory studies of all PSI effects.

7. Profound Human Experiences: Electrical Hypersensitivity and Altered States of Consciousness.


Any form of ESP can be tested, however, SEP's preliminary tests involve the testing of more common forms of ESP such as, Clairvoyance, Psychokinesis, Precognition and Telepathy.


SEP recognises that certain cases require specialist help. To this end a close liaison has been built up with university departments, mental health experts and other similar establishments. This help is invaluable if a proper scientific evaluation of the more complex cases are to be made.


SEP decries, on the one hand, the hard line sceptics who dismiss ESP abilities often without having studied a single case and on the other hand, the fervent cultist who have used the subject as a vehicle for simplistic religious doctrines. SEP occupies the middle ground. Something 'is' happening to thousands of people the world over, which is outside the normal order of things. That 'something' must be considered objectively and investigated scientifically.


SEP submit data to numerous scientific departments throughout the world.


Other areas of research include...



Near Death Experience.

Out of Body Experiences.

Astral Projection & Remote Viewing.

Mediumistic Abilities (Both Physical & Mental).

Divination (Consisting of Multiple Techniques).

Anomalistic Psychology & Forensic Parapsychology.

Levitation & Self Induced Spontaneous Physical Marking (SISPM)

Pyrogenics, Spontaneous Human Combustion & Thoughtography.

Direct Metal Influence on Living Systems / Non Living Systems. (DMILS) (DMINLS).

Healing (Numerous Techniques) Dowsing / Divining, Precognition, Premonitions & Retro-Cognition

Electrical Hypersensitivity, Sleep Paralysis, Ganzfeld Results, Faraday Cage Results & Historical Data.


We have included some brief information in regards the numerous abilities reported throughout the years. As well as details in regards subject material, courses & psychological conditions.



If you would like to participate in any of our test procedures, please feel free to contact us.


SEP Head Office

17, Redburn Road

Baguley, Wythenshawe

Manchester, M23 1AH,  United Kingdom



SEP E-Mail......................................................

Tel: 07866 685835



Please have a look through our SEP Topics, they include the following...


■ Parapsychology & Available Courses.

■ Metaphysics & Available Courses.

■ Psychology, Anomalistic Psychology & Available Courses.

■ Psychological Illnesses consisting of:

                    ■ Narcolepsy.

                    ■ Charles Bonnet Syndrome.

                    ■ Capgra's Syndrome.

                    ■ Temporal Lobe Epilepsy.

                    ■ Sleep Paralysis & SDP.

■ The Canadian Philip Experiment.

■ Occam's Razor.

■ Testing Mediums - The SEP Protocol.

■ The Witchcraft Acts & The New Government Petition.

■ NDEs - The Near Death Experience.

■ The Rhine Institute of Parapsychology.

■ Koestler Parapsychology - Edinburgh.

■ Electomagnetic Hypersensitivity.

■ Essays and Notes.

■ OBEs - Out of Body Experiences.

■ Geopathic Stress.

■ Princeton University find Proof of ESP & PK.


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Parapsychology Foundation

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