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UFO Crash Sites constructed at Schools in the UK

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Organisation Research

Case No. 26410

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Organisation research into UFO crash sites at schools and children learning about UFO hazards.


Since the early 2000's, schools around the UK have been constructing UFO crash scenes utilising real police officers and forensic experts. Children are taken out from their classromms to the school playing field etc and are shown the area of a UFO crash site, cornered off by incident tape and in some cases, incident tents are placed up. Children have been informed of chemical and biological hazards and have been instructed to inform their teachers, parents, police officers etc if they should come across such an scene. It would seem that children from the age as early as 5 are being drip fed this information under the disguise of an (encouragement of creative writing program). Children are often asked to draw what they think a UFO and Alien look like. These educational programs are part of the national curriculum in the UK, Australia and a few other countries to educate children what UFOs and Aliens represent.


There have been many schools throughout the UK that have had this educational program.

Below are a number of press releases about these UFO crash scenes at schools...



School 1.

November 2008: Basingstoke

South View Junior School

Featured in the Gazette on November 2nd 2008





school 1

A UFO landed at a primary school in Basingstoke. Green goo covered the area and the craft, cordoned off in a corner of the playing fields, was guarded by community wardens. But fortunately for the startled pupils at South View Junior School, in Shooters Way, South View, the crash site had been mocked-up by teachers for a writing exercise. The spaceship took about 16 hours to build using satellite dishes, silver sticky back plastic, fairy lights and a step ladder. After looking at the alien craft, the children had to write a front-page newspaper story about the event. The exercise was part of Everybody Writes Day, which was set up by the National Literary Trust to get children excited about writing. Elizabeth Sheldon, literacy co-ordinator at the school, said: “The children were so excited, and I think they believed in it too.”

October 2008: Cleethorpes

Elliston Infants School

Featured in the Grimsby Telegraph on October 10th 2008




AN unidentified flying object crashed landed at a Cleethorpes school. The UFO, about the size of a telephone box, was discovered in the playground of Elliston Infants’ School. While no explanation has been given for the origins of the metal object, some claim it is not man-made. As the youngsters, aged six and seven, investigated the crash, headteacher Marlene Ranshaw, revealed the alien landing was, in fact, part of the children’s lesson plan. She said the close encounter was in aid of national book week, and had been organised to inspire the children’s creativity. Seven-year-old Harry Michael was one of the first to reach the scene. He said: “It sounded like a loud clapping noise and it got louder when it passed our classroom.” Libby Turner (six) added: “It was like metal and glass falling and then crashing onto something.”

school 2 school ufo crashes

Since 2008 over 100 schools in the UK have partiocipated in this educational program in regards to UFO Crashes and Biological Hazards. Children are also informed how to report such an incident and asked to write a story about aliens and draw one. The UK educational Committee refer to this program as a creative writing skills test, however, one cannot help ask, why this subject? Is this yet another form of drip feeding information to the younger generation? Researcher Steve Mera has been involved in this program and taken part at two different schools. Such a program continues even now, however you can see below a list of schools that participated in this program below, from 2008 to 2016.