The Ribble Valley UFO Incident

Mr. Robert had contacted MAPIT after obtaining our telephone number from UFO Magazine. Mr. Robert is 35 years old and has recently moved into a farmhouse in the Ribble Valley area. Mr. Robert does claim to have had a previous UFO exerience when he was a child and that he has no interest in the subject and is level headed. Mr. Robert has by all accounts assured us that his initial telephone call is not a wide up of any sort.


He claims that, approximately three weeks ago, (February 2000) he awoke about 10.30pm to a strange noise. At first he thought it to be a Quad Bike engine sound. He got up out of bed and walked to the window. (It was at this point Mr. Robert became agitated). He stated 'I wish I had never looked out of the window'. In the distance he noticed the noise coming from a combined harvester, probably from one of the local farms, as there is sheep in a field near by. He then suddenly looked to his right and was amazed to see, what only can be described as a metalic spinning top shaped UFO, just hovering completely silently about 50 feet away, (Making this a possible CE-1). Mr. Robert watched as the object slowly moved from left to right in a falling leaf motion about ten foot side to side.


He described the object to be shaped like a spinning top with a centre rim, and just above the rim was what looked like, portholes. One porthole had a blue light, as if there was illumination from inside the craft. There were belt type straps on top of the object and recalls how the moonlight relected of the top of it, as if metalic in structure. Mr. Robert then described watching a small blue light move out of the object and move around. This light was flashing a blue colour, similar to the colour of the new type of headlight on vehicles. He turned his head and looked out to the field. At first he saw the sheep that seemed obviously scared and huddled together, before they ran off out of sight. It was at this point Mr. Robert turned and ran over to his bed to awake his wife. In a matter of a few seconds he was back at the window trying to explain to his wife what he had seen. When he looked out he was once again amazed... This time there was nothing! The strange craft and the ball of light had completely vanished.


Mr. Robert claims that he has had no stress at home or work and things in his life are going very well. He cannot comprehend his experience nor really wants to. He is at a delicate point in his work at the moment regarding the sale of a company. Mr. Robert went on to say that there had been a few other incidents since the initial one approximately three weeks ago. On one occasion, he and his wife were woken up by yet another odd sound. He described it as a humming or buzzing sound that had a little bleap or something at the end of it. The sound was intamitent, about once every three seconds. On investigation, he noticed the sound emminated from the side of his house.


Mr. Robert also recalls his pet dog, (a 20 week old German Sheperd) that was kept in the porch area due to not being fully house trained, whining constantly. He went down and opened the front door not switching any lights on what so ever. He stood at the front door in shock as he watched a light on the ground disappear. He described the light as if there was something at the side of his house that had a door and inside was brightly lit. The light was as if being shon onto the ground through an open door which slowly closed. Mr. Robert dared not look around the corner and quickly locked the front door and ran upstairs. By morning, Mr. Robert had noticed his extremely clean water in his swimming pool had turned an unusual mucky green colour.


(MAPIT was currently unaware if this particular incident was related to his experience).


Mr. Robert claimed that his wife refused to fully believe him yet she did hear the strange sounds herself. Mr. Robert seems to have been psychologically disturbed by these experiences. He has found it difficult to concentrate and becomes extremely scared at night, so much so, he has resorted to going to bed early, whilst still light, in hope of sleeping right through the darkened hours. Mr. Robert claims to have reported his initial experience to Acrington Police Station, to which, two police officers attended his home and took a statement, and issued him an incident number in case he needed to get back in touch with them.


Mr. Robert indicated he had worked as a police officer at sometime in his life and thought it best be completely honest with them. He found the police were completely useless and unhelpful. Not long after his police report he received a telephone call from well known researcher and author Jenny Randels who was obvuiously attempting to obtain further information. Mr. Robert was unusure of who Jenny was and did not disclose much details. He later learnt for himself that Jenny was a well known author of the subject.


It was at this point Mr. Robert felt he needed to talk with someone, but did not wish to discuss anything with Jenny Randles. Mr. Robert has at times become very upset and even found himself crying. He does not know what to make of his experiences and was extremely scared. At this point Investigators informed Mr. Robert that he should attempt to record any of these events. He agreed and said he would set up recording devices such as a video camera etc. He said that he would be back in touch with us soon and would agree to allow a couple of investigators to visit him at home in a few weeks.


Actions Carried Out.


■  House Plan.

■  Background Research.

■  Police Report Verification.

■  The attempt to obtain beneficial information from necessary officialdioms.

■  A basic psychoanalysis of the witness.

■  Environmental recording and appropriate field analysis.

■  Necessary documentation, photographs etc.

■  Geiger Counter sweep of locations.


Our second visit took place on Tuesday 11th of July 2000, at 10.30am.


Another preliminary interview was completed and we informed Mr. Robert that we had verified his police report and were awaiting other information. The two incidents took place in two different fields which belong to two different farms. Access is required to these locations via permission from the farm owners.


Necessary field equipment has been obtained and report forms and questionairres completed. A water sample from Mr. Roberts swimming pool was taken and sent off for analysis. The analysts believed there was a rational explanation for the discolouring due to PH levels and clorine concentration).


Confirmation from Acrington police station of the incident was obtained. Mr. Roberts had telephoned the police station three times during the early hours of June 14th 2000. Two officers did attend the location but apparently found nothing. Mr. Roberts also reported the incident to the Ministry of Defence via their telephone answering machine. No other officials or persons (appat from ourselves are aware of these incidents).


Mr. and Mrs. Robert have also reported a strange pulsating sound that moves around their living room. This has also been heard rushing over the roof of the house. Preliminary observations of the area show no anomalies. There were no marks on the roof nor any tiles missing. MAPIT investigators travelled on quad bikes to the first location in a field owned by the witness. Needless to say, some of us were not very good at riding them. We arrived at the location and conducted the following tests...


■  Radiation Sweep with a Geiger Counter.

■  Resistivity Readings carried out.

■  Electromagnetic Baseline Tests carried out.

■  Magnetometer Sweep.

■  Soil samples taken for further analysis.

■  Metal Detector Sweep.


Plans, photographs and video footage was taken of the location and Geo-Position was noted. The same tests were carried out at the second location, which was in a field owned by Mr. Robert's neighbour. MAPIT obtained permission to carry out the baseline tests. Again, tests were carried out. Neither location shown any visual evidence and the results obtained from the test equipment were as normal.


As MAPIT was conducting its investigation into the sixth week, Mr. Robert contacted us and said he was leaving the farm and moving elsewhere and that he would leave his home to be sold by an estate agent. Mr. Robert was obviously troubled and worried of another visitation. He fled the farm and asked MAPIT to send on any of our findings. To this date, MAPIT investigators have found no evidence to support Mr. Robert's claims, but if he would go to the bother of ringing the Ministry of Defence and the local police station three times in the early hours, he must have seen something... surely!



Compiled by Steve Mera.

Special Thanks to Stuart Robinson.

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