Research Material

Below is a list of research material on differing subjects you may find interesting.


Such details can be found throughout the internet. MAPIT does attempt to give recognition and accreditation when possible.


This section is devised to assist researchers and investigators of anomalous phenomena.


Please feel free to let us know of any new information in regards to the listed subjects. We hope you find this section helpful. If you would like to have your own work placed on our site, please get in touch with us...

research material

Listed Subjects...


■ Hypnosis & Alien Abduction.

■ Area 51 - The Psychology of Dreamland.

■ The Ark of the Covenant.

■ Cryptozoology.

■ Kirlian Photography.

■ Leys or Ley Lines.

■ E.T. Detection.

■ The Great Pyramids.

■ Spiritualism.

■ The Banshee.

■ The Bunny Man Bridge.

■ The Christmas Star.

■ The Dead Sea Scrolls.

■ Weeping Statues.

■ Post Abduction Syndrome - PAS.

■ Curses.

■ Geopathic Stress.

■ Infrasound.

■ Men In Black - MIB.

■ The Paranormal.

■ UFO Phenomena.

■ The Haunting Phenomena.

■ Poltergeist Phenomena.

■ The Chronological History of UFOs.

■ The SETI Program - Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence.

■ The U.S. Fire Officers Guide To Disaster Control - Chapter 13 UFOs.

■ The Alien Abduction Phenomena.

■ The Panspermia Theory.

■ Animal Mutilations.

■ Human Mutilations.

■ The ET Federal Law.

■ Spontaneous Human Combustion.

■ Aliens or Paralysis?

■ The Near Death Experience.

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