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Corporate Investigation: Case No. 26425

Research & Investigation: Archive Data

This mystery begins with a scientist who at first glance appears to have been something of a mystery man in his own right. Nothing much is known about the early life of Morris K Jessup except a few bare facts. That he was a man who had many varied interests. A scientist, astronomer, astrophysicist, mathematician, researcher, lecturer and of course an author.


Jessup was born on March 20th 1900 in Indiana. He travelled around the world researching ancient sites and myths and would often write short articles for magazines and newspapers. Eventually Jessup stumbled on several UFO issues that seemed to have connections with ancient sites and strange craters which had been photographed by the US Air force.


After moving to Washington, Jessup started working on a book called 'The Case for the UFO' and was completed by January 13th 1955. Little did Jessup suspect that the publishing of this book would mark the beginning of an even more mysterious train of events that would remain the subject of intense controversy for years to come.


It started when Jessup received a letter from a man calling himself Carlos M. Allende, bearing a Pennsylvania postmark which gave mention to Albert Einstein's Unified Field Theory being correct and used on a Destroyer type Navy Ship. The ship apparently disappeared leaving only the shape of the hull in the water. Most of the crew were badly affected. Some went mad and were institutionalised, Some suffered from what is known as 'Gettig Struck'. When suddenly your stricken and cannot move at all or less two or three other crew members that are also in the field move you.


If left, the crew member may become 'Frozen' and he would not be aware of time as we know it. Similar to a semi-comatose. Some crew disappeared, faded away completely. This affect could sometimes be stopped by others placing their hands on them. The expression 'Going Blank' was used to represent the feeling one would have just before fading and eventually disappearing into nothing, and perhaps the worst was those who burst into flames or fused with the ship itself. The Experiment that took place at the Philadelphia Navy Yard was apparently a complete success, however, the crew were apparently complete failures.


Allende went on to say, ‘Check the Philadelphia newspapers for a small article from 1944-1946 in the Spring or Fall. It will describe the Sailors actions after their initial voyage‘. Also check the ships crew for the S.S. Andrew Furuseth.


This will help you... (Z416175).


Jessup had no idea who Allende was nor the Z-number he had given. Did this experiment really happen and what type of ‘field’ was he referring to? In fact, Jessup found it rather difficult to believe, but he was intrigued. There were some notes at the end of Allende’s letter the mentioned the following :


1. The Navy did not know that crew men could simply fade away into nothing whilst not upon the ship and under the fields influence.


2. The Navy did not know that there would be crew men that would die from odd effects due to the 'Hyper Field. Further more the Navy did not know why such things happened.


3. When those that faded away into nothing were never seen again, then more fears were amassed.


4. The experimental ship did disappear from the Philadelphia dock and only a few minutes, later appeared at its other dock in Portsmouth. The ship was distinctly and clearly identified as being in that place at that time before it disappeared once again only to turn up back at the Philadelphia dock.


Jessup was not aware that Einstein had worked with the Naval Research Department on top secret programs. Neither was this widely known at the time. Over the months, Jessup received several lengthy letters from Allende describing in detail the experiment and how the ships hull was gutted so to fit very large reactors in it and all under the guidance of the Naval Research Department. Also, something unusual… Allende had on a couple of occasions signed his lettrers Carl M. Allen. Was Allende using a pseudonym, and if so why?  Several months later after Jessup’s book ‘The Case for the UFO' was published and somehow turned up at the Naval Research Department along with some interesting hand-written notes in it which were in three different coloured inks and obviously wrote by three different people. The writers gave mention to antigravity propulsion and talked of UFO activity as if they possessed intimate knowledge along with discussions on strange disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle. Sometime in Spring of 1955, Jessup was asked to attend the Office of Naval Research in Washington to discuss the book that had been sent to them anonymously. The book had obviously passed back and fourth among three persons who made notations before sending it to ONR. All very strange...


Jessup attended and was asked to look through the book that been sent to ONR. He found written references to the Philadelphia Boat Yard Experiment of October 1943 and of course immediately thought that Carl Allen who must have been involved with the notations along with two other individuals. Why was this book with the notations in sent to ONR. Jessup started to suspect that Allende and a few others may have been telling the truth. During three separate visits to ONR Jessup was asked to re-write a version of his book adding the notations. This version of the book was apparently just for ONR officials and was not to be sold to the pubic. Apparently around 127 copies of this book was published which today only 12 to 25 remain, Pirate press managed to copy around 30 of them and distributed them worldwide.


Jessup had tried to find Allende but had been unsuccessful, however, as word spread other parties became interested. The Aerial Phenomena Research Organisation APRO managed to track down Allende and talk him into being interviewed in 1969. During his interview Allende hardy said anything of the annotations in Jessups book or the so called experiment that had apparently taken place in the Philadelphia boat yard during October of 1943.


So what happened next, well lets once again go back in time to 1958. Dr. Jessup had attended his friends party and as soon as he arrived he asked his three closest friend into a private office where he gave them each a copy of the re-annotated book he had duplicated and told them to lock the book up and keep it safe in case something happened to him. Jessup looked tired and had an expression of fear on his face. Before his friends could quiz him regarding his appearance Jessup rushed off and was never to see his friends again. On April 20th 1959 at about 6.30pm, the still barely breathing body of Dr. Morris Jessup was discovered slumped over the wheel of his car. According to the information on his death certificate, he had parked in a rural country park not far from his home and apparently placed a hose pipe on the car exhaust which fed into the car via a nearly closed window. Jessup had apparently committed suicide, or we have been led to believe that. Due to a medical report of a blood sample taken, he had consumed so much alcohol that it would have been impossible for him to have driven the car, let alone drive it down a sharp narrow country lane and park the car in a space perfectly. Also, no suicide note was ever found and no autopsy was conducted. Apart from that, Jessup was often referred to as a tee total, and would rarely drink at most social occasions. Jessup’s body was not donated to science despite his earlier requests and his body was cremated only two days after he was found dead.


So… Jessup was out of the picture, but what about the mystery regarding the experiment ? From the Allende letters and the APRO interview conducted in 1969, we have learnt many things. Allende stated :


1. Dr. Albert Einstein's Unified Field Theory was in fact completed in 1925-1927, but Einstein withdrew it because of dangers of use and the implications it would have on the world at that time. Allende said that this could be confirmed by Dr. B. Russell.


2. During World War II, the concepts of the Unified Field Theory were tested by the Navy and a Dr. Franklin Reno was responsible for producing results.


3. The results thus produced were used to achieve complete invisibility of a ship (not radar invisibility or stealth technology as we know it). The ship was called the USS DE 173 Eldridge and was a destroyer type vessel. The experiment took place whilst she had crew on board in October of 1943 by means of some energy force field applied around the ship.


4. The experiment took place whilst the ship was in the Philadelphia Boat Yard.


5. A small piece appeared in the Philadelphia newspaper regarding some crew members that appently were seen to completely disappear whilst attending a local bar.


6. Allende himself had claimed to have observed the experiment whilst on board the Liberty Ship S.S. Andrew Furuseth.


7. Rear Admiral Rawson Bennet, Navy Chief of Research could apparently verify that the experiment had in fact occurred.


8. The USS Edridge mysteriously disappeared from dock and turned up in Portsmouth before re-appearing back in the Philadelphia dock only minutes later.


9. That Allende was in fact a crew member of the Furuseth at the time and the 'Z' Number was his Naval Identity number on his certificate. The Furuseth was at the Philadelphia dock during most of October 1943.


10. That the first experiment was conducted on an unmanned boat during 1935, and the second experiment was in fact the one conducted at the Philadelphia dock.


Carlos M. Allende was in fact Carl M. Allen who served on the S.S. Andrew Furuseth which was docked at the Philadelphia boat yard during October 1943. In the top right hand corner of the certificate is the very same Z-Number Carl Allen had give Jessup and number of years back.


A written account of a crew member had been located which mentioned the experiment. It Read : (I actually shoved my hand, up to the elbow, into this unique force field as that field flowed, surging powerfully in a counter-clockwise direction around the experimental ship, the DE 173. I felt the push of that force field against the solidness of my arm and hand outstretched into its humming pushing propelling flow. I watched the air all around the ship turn slightly, ever so slightly, darker than all the other air. I saw, after a few minutes, a foggy green mist arise like a thin cloud. The ship then became rapidly invisible to the human eyes, and yet, the precise shape of the keel and under-hull of that ship remained impressed into the water as my own ship sped along some what side by side. Our compasses swung inaccurately and other bits of equipment started to fault. It seemed to be all over in a matter of minutes). The identity of the dock worker remains a mystery, but it is presumed he was a crew member of the S.S. Andrew Furuseth.


Finally, we have been told that the newspaper article that was mentioned earlier was eventually found and did give mention to some of the bar maids that had observed crew members disappearing before her eyes. At this point I would like to ask you to make a point of remembering the dock workers comments about compass deflection, a strange green coloured mist and faulting equipment.


Further Research.


The Philadelphia Experiment does exist on several official documents which mostly give reference to the name 'Project Rainbow'. Which is believed to be the Project name or this particular experiment.


Interesting… Were the Department of Navy sure Einstein never completed his Unified Field Theory? Did they not know who Allende was, even though he was a crew member of the S.S. Andrew Furuseth and had an authentic service certificate? Were there only 25 copies of the re-annotated book manufactured for ONR and out of which they do not possess any? Did they not conduct an official study of the manuscript by asking Jessup to attend several meetings? Did ONR never conduct an experiment into invisibility? Was ONR only established in 1946? Could such an experiment remain a secret for so long? There are many questions as to the Department of Navy are telling the truth or not. Who Knows…?


In a recently discovered German publication, there is mention to Dr. Albert Einstein completing a version of the Unified Field Theory in the period of 1925 to 1927 and that Einstein did in fact know and sometimes worked with Dr. Russell. There was also information that indicated that Einstein did in fact work for ONR at the time of the experiment in October 1943. Even though we have been told ONR did not exist at that time. Apparently, today's scientists say that such a theory that involves electromagnetics, gravitation and nuclear energy could possible be created and that a fourth weak field would possible employ time and space together, known as space-time.


There is a photograph of Professor Albert Einstein conferring with Naval officers in his study, Princeton, New Jersey on July 24th 1943.


The USS DE 173 Eldridge was eventually serviced and sold to the Greeks on January 5th 1971. Her name is now known as the 'Leon' and could still well be in service. When finally obtaining the ship log book for the Eldridge, we found that the period from August 1943 till December 1943 was missing and unavailable. Coincidentally, the Furuseth's log books had been destroyed thus also unavailable. One important document states the Eldridge was in the North Atlantic during November 20th 1943 when in fact all other documents state that she was in fact in the Bermuda vicinity. We have had no comment on why there is these discrepancies. An Engineering log book from the Eldridge does in fact give mention to the DE 173 and the S.S. Andrew Furuseth closely working together on several occasions. It looks to be that there are a few falsified documents regarding dates. When looking at the Greek records for the Eldridge, hear came another surprise. The Eldridge weighed 1,240 tonnes on standard and 1,520 tonnes full load when purchased. The Naval documents state that the Eldridge was 1,240 tonnes standard and 1.900 tonnes full load. Obviously, a displacement of some 380 tonnes.


Could it be that some equipment may have been removed before selling the ship the Greeks? More recently during 1995, a magazine article appeared that showed several photographs of equipment apparently used on the USS Eldridge during the experiment. How true the article was in unknown.


Casting your mind back to what Carl Allen had told Jessup, ‘the first experiment on an unmanned vessel took place in 1935 and then a second experiment on the manned vessel the USS Eldridge took place at the Philadelphia Navy Yard during October of 1943‘. If these two statements are true then we should consider that this type of experiment may very well have continued after the second World War. In fact, documentation informs us that experiments were continued at the Brookhaven National Laboratories at Long Island, New York under the guidance of Dr. John Von Newman. This following study was regarding the affects of dimensional travel on human beings. This fits very well, considering the possibility that the crew members of the USS Eldridge were badly affected. This continuing study was apparently called the Phoenix Project.


On the 10th of January 1995, I wrote a letter to the National Security Agency at Fort George G. Meade, Maryland USA asking for any information pertaining to ‘Project Rainbow’ and a possible experiment that took place on the USS DE 173 Eldridge whilst docked at the Philadelphia Navy Yard during October of 1943. Below is the reply I received :


Dear Mr. Mera.


This responds to your Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request of 10 January 1995, for information on project RAINBOW. Your request has been processed under the provisions of the FOIA. A thorough search of our files was conducted, but no records responsive to your request were located.


The fact that we were unable to locate records responsive to your request may be considered by you as an adverse determination, and you are hereby advised of this Agency's appeal procedures. Any appeal of an adverse determination must be submitted to the NSA/CSS Freedom of Information Act Appeal Authority within 60 days after notification of the response. The appeal shall be in writing addressed to the NSA/CSS FOIA Appeal Authority, National Security Agency, Fort George G. Meade, MD 207556000. To aid in processing the appeal, it should reference the inability of the Agency to locate records and should contain in sufficient detail and particularity, the grounds upon which the requester believes records exist. The NSA/CSS Appeal Authority shall respond to the 'appeal within 20 working days after receipt.


For fee assessment purposes, you meet the criteria established for the "all other requester" category in the FOIA of 1986. This allows two hours of search, all review, and the first 100 pages without charge. Because the search was conducted within the allocated time and there were no records to copy, there are no fees assessed for this response.




Deputy Director of Policy.



I had then decided to do some checking. I found one particular document that was called the ‘Inter-Services Code-Word Index which was at one time a Top Secret document. This gave information on Project Names, Block Numbers, Deciphering Numbers and Code Words and it was this document that assisted my second letter. Looking down the lists I came across the Code Word ‘Rainbow’ along with its Deciphering Number 7470 and a Block Number of 334. Surely this may help in the location of such records. I compiled the second letter and sent it back to Fort George in Maryland USA. Below is a photograph of the Inter-Services Code Word Index :


Some years back, when first contacted, the National Archives reported no record of Project Rainbow, and no knowledge of an index of Projects; but when the name ‘Rainbow’ was later given to the National Archives, this photograph of the proof print of the index was obtained. It is presumed that the code word ‘Rainbow’ does in fact represent Project Rainbow or better known as the Philadelphia Experiment or Project Invisibility.


The investigation into the Inter-Services Code-Word Index was not an easy find and we should credit Mr. Thomas Townsend Brown from NICAP (The National Investigation Committee of Aerial Phenomena) who spent much time in locating evidence to support the experiment and of course the Inter-Services Code-Word Index.


Information gleamed from this document was used in my second letter. It did not take them long to reply.


It read :


Dear Mr. Mera,


This replies to your 26 March 1995 letter appealing the National Security Agency‘s (NSA) failure to locate records in request of Information Act (FOIA) for records on project "Rainbow." Your original request, the Office of Policy's 8 March 1995 response to you, and your appeal letter have been reviewed. As a result of this review, it was determined that another search should be conducted using the additional information you provided in your appeal letter (the deciphering numeral 7470 and the block number 334).


Due to the age of the records sought, the Office of Policy caused a second search to be conducted of NSAs Archives using the new key words you provided in your appeal letter. No records were located that were responsive to your request. Accordingly, I have determined that NSA does not hold any of the information you are seeking on project "Rainbow."


Since I affirm that NSA maintains no records responsive to your request, this response may be construed as a denial of your appeal. Accordingly, you are hereby advised of your rights under 5 U.S.C. § 552 to seek judicial review of this determination. You may seek an order from the United States District Court in which the agency records are situated (U. S. District Court of Maryland) or in the District of Columbia for the production of information held by this Agency. Title 5 U.S.C. § 552(a)(4)(B) sets out your rights in this matter with respect to such judicial action.




Freedom of Information Act/Privacy Act

Appeals Authority



So, we can comfortable sit back now and come to the conclusion that they cannot locate any records pertaining to ‘Rainbow’ or that they are just unwilling to distribute such information.


Word of Dr. John Von Neumann's continuing experiments soon got about and it wasn’t long before Congress asked for a full report. After which, Congress ordered the study and experiments to be disbanded, however, the Project was then privately funded by the military at an Air Force Station at Montauk Point, New York. It was there where continuing experiments took place for a number of years. By 1972, the Montauk Project was well underway and studied effects on human and animal consciousness during the effects of the force fields. The project came to a bizarre climax when scientists apparently opened a time vortex between themselves and the previous experiment at the Philadelphia docks during October 1943.


Now...this is where is becomes a little unbelievable. There are several claims by those who worked on the Montauk Project that they witnessed different realities, some of which were occupied by strange alien beings, and that they were able to remote view areas of the planet Mars. ( Yep…. Right!) O.K. Whatever. As you can see, a little hard to believe. Anyway, in 1990 a series of lectures hit the U.S. regarding the Montaul Project and a video was released explain more in depth operations. The video is quite funny. There a blond haired good looking guy wearing a polar neck top who doesn’t say a lot and a rather fat guy who picks his nose, grunts and passes wind from time to time. Unfortunately, what they have to say went completely over my head. I suggest you try it for yourself if you can bear it out to the end.


During the 1980’s Thorn EMI brought out the movie 'The Philadelphia Experiment'. During the production of the movie the Managerial department apparently received a letter from the Department of Defence asking them not to go ahead with the movie due to possible sensitive material. The production manager refused to comply thus when the movie was finished they found that the American Broadcasting Companies would not show it, nor allow it to be screened on American cinemas. Thorn EMI and New World Pictures had no choice but to release the movie on video format which soon passed to the UK. Never has this movie ever been shown at a cinema.


Researchers believe the sensitive material in the movie is not regarding the experiment that was conducted on the USS Eldridge, but the implication of a time vortex and furthering research in this area. When the movie was being manufactured the Montauk Project was still very much active and it is believed that the sensitivity of this project caused the Department of Defence to attempt to suppress the manufacture of the movie for those reasons. How true this is I don’t know, but you have to admit, it’s certainly intriguing.


Whilst in Blackpool conducting a lecture in 1994 I was approached by a gentleman who said that he had a pirate press copy of the re-annotated version of Jessup’s book, ‘The Case for the UFO’. The book cost me quite a lot of money, however, it was worth getting hold of. I had been trying to get a copy of the book for a few years. It was a most fascinating read. Finally, lets go back to when I asked you to remember a couple of points that the dock worker who apparently witnessed the experiment mentioned :


1. The compass deflection and faulting equipment whilst near the Eldridge during the experiment..


2. The strange green coloured mist that engulfed the ship just before disappearing.


It's interesting to learn that the USS Eldridge, when not at the Philadelphia Boat Yard was mostly operating in the Bermuda.... Actually, the Bermuda Triangle, where many a planes, boats an ships disappear without a trace and some often before hand complain of faulty equipment, compasses not working correctly, and on occasion talk of a strange green mist. To my knowledge, the Bermuda Triangle mystery has been satisfactorily explained by freak weather conditions, pilots becoming lost due to the small islands below all looking similar and of course unusual gas releases from the bottom of the sea and causing boats and ships to loose their buoyancy and sink only later to be covered over by filtering sand.


Of course that does not explain the strange disappearance of people in the Bermuda Triangle when only their boats are found. No-one really hears much anymore about the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, but one such boat was found a drift during July of 1998 by the American coast guard. They decided to equip the boat and sail it back to dock but that evening, they experienced faulting equipment, compass deflection and four batteries had completely drained. They eventually reached their destination purely by luck. The coast guard have no idea why these anomalies took place and believed it to be the strange phenomena that has caught out many sea going vessels, not to mention aircraft. As far as I know the owner and two passengers are yet to be found. Some people believe that the DE 173 USS Eldridge did in fact have three huge reactors on board and many large computer systems installed on her as part of the experiment, and that these reactors were nuclear run like most experimental reactors at the time of manufacture. Once finished with, they usually remain active for many many years. The best place to get rid of such unwanted nuclear materials is to shoot them into space, recycle or even possibly dump them at sea ? I'll leave you with this thought.... Most disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle cannot be readily explained up to the disappearance of Flight 19 and beyond, which of course took place on December 5th 1945, two years after the Philadelphia Experiment…!  


I think it’s a long shot. There does not seem to be that much evidence to suggest the experiment was real and went ahead. We know Carl Allen was a crew member of the S.S. Andrew Furuseth and may have been docked along side the USS Eldridge at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, but that does not prove the experiment was real, nor that he is telling the truth. The dock worker who witnessed the experiment is a mystery man, the newspaper article that was apparently found has never been seen as far as I’m aware. The loss of records and mixed up data do not prove that the experiment was real. I have found no information as yet to suggest the (ONR) existed during October of 1943. Jessup’s death could simply be a suicide and of course, those who like a good conspiracy may be adding the icing on the cake. If ONR officials wanted a copy of the re-annotated book, this does not mean that the incidents hand written into the book are true. In fact none of the above information suggests the experiment was a real one, but…… at the same time, none of the information suggests it didn’t. May be we will never know if the Philadelphia Experiment really did happen ! I leave it to you to decide….


Special Thanks to Douglas Curtis Productions & Charles Berlitz, William Moore, & Brad Steiger.

Additional information Compiled by Steve Mera.