The Plume & Feathers - Public House Investigation.


The Plume and Feathers lies in a small town just outside the main city of Northhamptonshire. A fair drive from Manchester but probably worth it for those who like to visit paranormal pubs...


During November 1997 we had received a telephone call from the Landlord of the pub, he explained that he and his partner were constantly upset regarding the paranormal activity. Apparitions, strange sounds, object movement, cold spots and electrical interference seemed to take place quite often. Of course, we decided to pay a visit.


We attended the public house on a cold November evening. We were immediately shown around and told many interesting thing. The cleaner had witnessed a dark amorphous shape stood by the fruit machine, the funny thing was, that it had apparently won some money... A cash payout was also heard at the time. Plates in the kitchen would suddenly spring to life as they shot across the room and hit the ceiling. Impact marks could be seen. Strange noises in the bar area at night and the odd glass moving time to time. Cold spots would appear and disappear throughout the building and many a punter had a story to tell. By this time we had gathered that this was going to be an interesting case and that the haunting activity had been going on long before the present Landlord took over the pub. After getting all the facts down we waited till the premises closed and then set up our equipment. Video and audio recorders, photographic cameras, temperature alert devices, motion detectors, heat  detectors etc. At first the night went quietly but about 2.30 am the door to the kitchen closed. This was seen by one investigator, when we went to check on the video camera to see if it had recorded the event, we found to our surprise something

quite odd. The video camera cover had been placed on the lens, therefore recording nothing, (only audio). The strange thing was that the cover was not off the video camera, but off a photographic camera which coincidentally fitted perfectly.


Further on into the early hours of the morning another investigator was in conversation with the Landlord when he turned to see a man in what looked like a tweed jacket. As soon as his eyes had focus properly on the figure, it had gone. An illusion or an apparition, I’ll let you decide. Strange sounds from the front door area could also be clearly heard, yet the audio recorder did not record the sounds for some strange reason. These little things went on until it became light. I have to admit the sunlight was welcomed as the night seems to change the feel of the environment. After further discussions with the Landlord we decided to arrange another visit


The Second Vigil:


We arrived at the pub and started to unload the vehicle, when we were befronted by a woman who claimed to be a very well known psychic. Funny.... I had never heard of her. She was accompanied by her female friend who stood by Her side for most of the night without saying a word. This female assistant was a kind of psychic battery for the clairvoyant (so we were told), anyway, we watched as she manipulated the witnesses into her way of thinking. She had been there for just over an hour when she turned to the Landlord and told him that she new what was haunting the pub.


“It is a female spirit that was attracted to the pub by people who visit it, a spirit of a small boy who wears dark coloured boots who use to work with the horses in a stable not to far away from this pub and a third spirit which I have called The Highway Man, because he died in the front upstairs room and wears the typical clothing of a highway man, he was also very tall. Finally all these spirits are now causing upset because there is an evil presence in the building. It is the Hound of Hell which is running around the building what they do not like. He is responsible for causing the spirits to act”.


Oh Dear.......... You can well imagine our faces when we heard this pile of (****). The Landlord looked over to us with desperate eyes. It was difficult enough trying to control the environment, but when you’ve got a mad woman running around all night saying, “Did you see it, it came this way, I must try to contact the hound”. It becomes practically impossible. An uneventful night caused us to leave a little earlier than normal. We told the Landlord that we were not happy at the spontaneous manifestation of an nutty alleged psychic suddenly taking over the case.


Some weeks later after compiling the report we contacted the Plume and Feathers to ask if everything was alright. To our surprise the Landlord and partner had left and the pub had now new owners. We told the new Landlord of the previous events that had taken place and assured us that if a nutty psychic turned up she would end up out on her (****). No other disturbances have been reported.


Nutty Psychic -1   MAPIT - 0.




Compiled by Steve Mera.

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