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Throughout the years there have been numerous news-stand magazines that focused on the world of the paranormal, UFO's, conspiracies and the fortean. Below are just a few that have come and gone, as well as those that are still around or on their way in the near future. Some internet magazine are also listed...


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Status : Currently Unavailable.

Exploring the world of the unexplained, Paranormal magazine delves into the dark world of ghosts, UFOs, strange creatures, weird phenomena, folklore and magic. Millions of people have experienced the uncanny, the mysterious, the mystical in their lives. But you do not need to believe in the paranormal to enjoy Paranormal. If you have an open mind and are curious about the world around you, this is the magazine for you. Engaging, intriguing, fascinating, sometimes startling and sometimes scary – Paranormal magazine never fails to entertain with its down to earth approach to some way-out subjects. Expect the unexpected with Paranormal magazine. Magazine ended January 2011.


Editor- Brian Allan.

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Status : Currently Available.

Ghost Voices Magazine was launched in January 2009 and is the only magazine on the market to focus completely on ghosts and haunting phenomena. Featuring a variety of articles from folklore tales and interviews with paranormal experts through to the scientific investigation of ghostly activity, Ghost Voices Magazine appeals to all who have an interest in the paranormal. Ghost Voices is continuing to grow rapidly.


Ghost Voices Magazine features regular contributions from many experts in the world of ghosts and hauntings, such as Phil Whyman, Dr Ciarán O’Keeffe, Jason Karl, ASSAP, and many others. Ghost Voices Magazine also has many regular features, such as ‘Drinking with Spirits’, ‘Following in Phantom Footsteps’ and many more...

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Status : Currently Available.

The long running Fortean Times is a monthly magazine of news, reviews and research on strange phenomena and experiences, curiosities, prodigies and portents. It was founded by Bob Rickard in 1973 to continue the work of Charles Fort (1874-1932).


Born of Dutch stock in Albany, New York, Fort spent many years researching scientific literature in the New York Public Library and the British Museum Library. He marshalled his evidence and set forth his philosophy in The Book of the Damned (1919), New Lands (1923), Lo! (1931), and Wild Talents (1932).


An exceptional read...

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Status : No Longer Available.

One of the best UFO magazines you could lay your hands on constructed by the late Graham Birdsall and Russel Callaghan who after the passing away of Graham wanted to continue his great work within the subject of UFOs and now constructs a similar internet magazine.


UFO Magazine was once closely associated with Quests International and started off as a group magazine which after some time, due to public interest in the subject, became a news-stand magazine.


Graham Birdsall's brother Mark was also to get in on the act by constructing another news-stand magazine called Unopened Files. UFO Magazines was the most popular UFO related magazine in the UK.

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Status : Currently Available.

UFO DATA Magazine is produced and edited in England by UFO Magazine UK alumni Russel Callaghan. Since the untimely death of UFO Magazine UK's founding editor Graham W. Birdsall, UFO DATA Magazine has taken the spotlight as the worlds leading english speaking UFO periodical. Feature editor is Philip Mantle. Reviews by Steve Johnson.


UFO DATA Magazine is an internet only release and cost around £2.99 an issue. Even though this magazine covers many of the UFO related subjects, it is not a touch on the original UFO Magazine. But it is definately worth a read.


Feature editor is Philip Mantle who is also associated with UFO Matrix Mag..

mag 6



Status : No Longer Available.

This magazine occasionally covered such this as the UFO subject, but it specialised in government coverups and conspiacies as well as unusual world news. Its presentation was similar to UFO Magazine and Mark Birdsall was the editor.


This magazine was in its prime during 1999 - 2000 and cost £2.95 at the time. Interesting articles from around the world often discussed secret military activity and advanced technology.


Mark Birdsall's brother who has now passed away (Graham) was responsible for bringing us the UK's UFO Magazine. Unopened Files ran for a few years and then unfortunately stopped...

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Status : No Longer Available.

The UFO magazine was printed in Exeter and editors Chris Marke and Richard Forsyth brought us UFO information from all over the world. A colourful glossy magazine that cost around £2.95 at the time was rather thin featuring only 40 odd pages.


Large adverts also took up pages, but if you can look past them, Sightings had some good and relevant information within its pages.


Sightings magazine did have American connections and would often feature articles from the U.S. There were however contributors from the UK such as Christian Oliver, Jenny Randles and numerous others. Sighting ran for only a short time before disolving...

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Status : Currently Unavailable.

I am pleased to announce that the new 100 page full colour newsstand publication UFO MATRIX Magazine will be launched on July 29th 2010. The first issue will go on sale in the UK and can be purchased in all of the usual high street outlets. This new bi-monthly publication will deal with any and all aspects of the UFO subject.


This new publication is edited by Philip Mantle and assistant editor Malcolm Robinson. It has an international line-up of columnists including: Nick Pope (UK), Mike Hallowell (UK), Steve Johnson (UK), Peter Robbins (USA), Scott Corrales (USA), Clas Svahn (Sweden), Lee Paqui (Australia) and Sheryl Gottschall (Australia). Many are looking forward to seeing a new news-stand UFO publication as there are not many around in the UK...

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Status : No Longer Available.

Alien Encounters was priliminarily a UFO magazine that featured stories about alien abduction, men in black and other ufo related subjects. Quite a large magazine that first hit the news-stands in 1996 at a cost of £.3.99.


The editor of Alien Encounters was Richard Forsyth who was also responsible for bringing us the Sightings magazine. Occasionally you may even find the odd paranormal article in them.


This 100 page glossy magazine did relatively well and had some high profile contributors. Some of the articles were very good and it was certainly worth getting hold of in its day. Alien Encounters continued for a couple of years before disolving...

mag 10



Status : Currently Available.

UFO Magazine is an American magazine  that is devoted to the subject of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and the extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH). It was founded in 1986 by Vicki Ecker and Sherie Stark, and is now published by Bill Birnes and edited by his wife Nancy Hayfield Birnes. It is the only magazine in print devoted exclusively to UFO phenomena throught the U.S.


The Magazine is published bi-monthly in the United States and has covered every major breaking UFO story. Featuring columnists such as Stanton Friedman, Nick Redfern, Larry Bryant, George Noory, and Colin Bennett and including writers such as Ann Druffel, Nigel Watson and Jaime Maussan, UFO Magazine is a glossy magazine which is sent out internationally...





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