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Throughout the years there have been numerous news-stand magazines that focused on the world of the paranormal, UFO's, conspiracies and the fortean. Below are just a few that have come and gone, as well as those that are still around or on their way in the near future. Some internet magazine are also listed...


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Status : No Longer Available.

This magazine focused on the subject of UFOs and was around 60 pages in length. Only published for the U.S. and Canada it cost around $4.95 during 1993. This bi-monthly publication was published by Joseph Randazzo and the editor was Lynn Buckley along with assistant editors Nancy Bernie and Delee Murrah.


The magazine had some interesting articles from hi profile researchers from around the world which included Tony Dodd from the UK. The magazine had quite a lot of adverts in and was not known throughout the UK as a leading magazine on the UFO subject.


International UFO Library Magazine was owned by CoLee Viedelle-Smith and she was often referred to as the President...

mag 22



Status : No Longer Available.

This organisation based magazine that was printed out and distributed to subscribers was one of the best of its kind, featuring everything from the paranormal to UFO related subjects. The magazine was significantly British but did cover worldly events.


The magazine started out with a black and white cover and then became a colour cover with around 60 pages of interesting articles. Strange Daze did not feature many adverts which was considered a rather good thing. Articles were regularly submitted from high profile investigators and researchers of the subject. The editor was Gloria Dixon who has been involved in the subject for many years and is also a long standing member of BUFORA (The British UFO Research Association). Many were dissapointed when the magazine came to a close...

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Status : No Longer Available.

Like the above magazine Gloria Dixon went on to be editor of Strange Times, which was another organisation based magazine that distributed printed issues of the magazine. Strange Times was also considered a relatively good magazine with informative artcles.


The magazine cost around £3.00 during 2002 and like above, featured a colour front cover. Articles covered both paranormal and UFO related subjects. The magazine roughly consisted of 50 pages and the managing  editor was Bill Rose along with a science editor Dave Newton. The printers was the Docucentre, in Gateshead and marketing was down to Ian Dixon. Strange Times had a number of high profile consultants and was considered an interesting read...

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Status : Currently Available.

UFO News UK was once the in house magazine of the Southampton UFO Group. The Chairman Steve Gerrard continues to distribute printed issues of the magazine to his subscribers. A very interesting magazine that shared current and up to date information in regards UFO related subjects. The magazine can be obtained directly by contacting Steve. A privately published, quarterly A4 colour magazine. One of the last remaining British magazines that you receive through the post, not via the Internet.  web site : http::/    


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Status : No Longer Available.

The Anomalist is a magazine  of anomalous phenomena, edited by Patrick Huyghe. Its first issue came out in June 1994.


The magazine stopped publishing a print edition with issue 10 in 2002, owing to rising costs, but continues as an Internet news site. All past issues are available online. In 2006 the 12th issue was published in book form by Huyghe's new company Anomalist Books. The 13th issue was released in late 2007 and included articles by Nick Redfern. Loren Coleman and John Reppion.


The anomalist covered all subjects of anomalous phenomena and numerous academics occasionally submitted articles. The magazine articles were very interesting...

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Status : No Longer Available.

Naro Minded was an organisation based publication by the Northern Anomalies Research Organisation which was previously known as MUFORA - Manchester UFO Research Association ran by Peter Hough. The magazine covered all things considered anomalous phenomena and was produced on a monthly basis, printed and distributed by NARO to their subscribers. NARO was a relatively small organisation of which Jenny Randles was a member. Numerous articles by high profile researches occasionally appeared within its pages. By today's standards, NARO Minded was rather bland, but is articles were very interesting. Issue 1 was a small A5 sized copy which increased in size to A4 in later issues. Issue 1 was also card fronted and buff coloured. It cost just £1.50 during 1996 / 1997 and was a relatively thin magazine. All issues were just printed in black...


Editor: Steve Mera

mag 26



Status : Currently Available.

Magonia is one of Britain’s oldest established magazines in the fields of ufology, Forteana and contemporary beliefs.


It began in 1966 as a small stencil-duplicated bulletin put out by the Merseyside UFO Research Group called, rather predictably, the Merseyside UFO Research group Bulletin. This was edited by John Harney and another group member, Alan Sharp. The magazine rapidly gained a reputation amongst the conservatively-minded UFO community of the time as being a sceptical and disrespectful commentator of the foibles of the UFO scene. After a couple of years the inevitable split happened, and in 1968 Harney and Sharp set up the Merseyside UFO Bulletin as an independent magazine. John Rimmer joined the team after the first two issues...

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Status : Currently Available.

Were the Apollo moon landings hoaxed? Is Osama Bin Laden really dead? Who wrote the occult grimoire, Necronomicon? In this new PARANOIA compendium, 24 authors and interviewees discuss the monumental conspiracies of our time, including:


What will happen in 2012? Did the Mob assassinate JFK? Who is reabducting UFO abductees? What role do magick and ritual play in The Invisible Government? Have we received any messages from space? Plus, everything you always wanted to know about UFO think tanks and the mother of all think tanks: Tavistock. This exclusive collection also features the final solution to the economic downturn: Entomophagy (eating insects)!


A well presented magazine with some interesting articles. As you can imagine, this is a magazine for those that like conspiacies...

mag 29



Status : No Longer Available.

This organisation based magazine was constructed by the Skysearch UFO Research Organisation ran by Larry Dean of Brighton. The magazine featured articles in regards UFO related subjects. Pages of the magazine were only printed on one side giving the appearance that the magazine had more content than it did.


Nevertheless, the articles within its pages were very interesting. The 30 odd page magazine was printed in black and distributed to its subscribers every quarter. The magazine cost just £1.80 during 1995 and 1996. The magazine was launched in 1995 and the editor was Shaun Carr. Artwork and illustrations were done by Vivien Stratton. Skysearch Magazine was very much an in house magazine like Naro Minded and rarely and contributors. However, some of the articles were very good...

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Status : Currently Available.

The Skeptical Inquirer is a bimonthly, American  magazine  published by the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry  (CSI) with the subtitle: The magazine for science and reason. CSI's mission statement is to "encourage the critical investigation of paranormal  and fringe-science claims from a responsible, scientific point of view and disseminate factual information about the results of such inquiries to the scientific community and the public." The Skeptical Inquirer is an international magazine, but is not a formal scientific journal. The content consists of articles, columns and book reviews on that critically examine a variety of topics, such as ESP, homeopathy, astrology, SETI, the creation-evolution controversy.  In addition to topics that concern scientists and academics, the magazine also has a stated mission of examining subjects that interest the general public...

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Status: Only Availale Electronically.


This Magazine brings together an international list of columnists and contributors to provide you with the latest UFO sighting reports, discussions, debates, theories, news, reviews and much, much more. It is our aim to try and cover any and every aspect of the UFO subject as space will allow. We have no hidden agenda and no fixed editorial plan on what we can and cannot cover. Instead we will endeavour to offer you the reader as much information as we possibly can on the UFO subject and allow you to reach your own conclusion. We will not favour any one particular theory as to what UFOs may or may not be, nor will we ignore the research of our colleagues who take a more sceptical stance. Brought to you by Phil Mantle & Malcolm Robinson. For more information and subscription, please visit:

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