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Throughout the years there have been numerous news-stand magazines that focused on the world of the paranormal, UFO's, conspiracies and the fortean. Below are just a few that have come and gone, as well as those that are still around or on their way in the near future. Some internet magazine are also listed...


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Status : Currently Available.

Nexus is a bi-monthly alternative news magazine. It covers geopolitics  and conspiracy theories; health issues, including alternative medicine; future science; the unexplained, including UFOs; Big Brother; and historical revisionism. The magazine also publishes articles about freedom of speech and thought, and related issues. It is owned and edited by Duncan Roads.


The magazine was first formed in 1986 by Ramses H. Ayana as a quarterly publication covering human rights, the environment, alternative health, women's rights, New Age, Free Energy, alternative science and the paranormal. NEXUS was handed on to Duncan Roads in 1990. Following the handover, the topics covered by Nexus were changed and it moved to a bi-monthly publication schedule.

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Status : Currently Available.

The Para Mag was started in June 2005 by Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson, Steve Gonsalves, and R. W. Bluestroke. On the first page of the magazine, the editorial  states, "One of the goals of The Atlantic Paranormal Society has always been to find answers to the many questions which confront you after a paranormal experience."


TAPS Paramagazine (abbreviated as TAPS Para Mag) is a monthly magazine published by The Atlantic Paranormal Society  (TAPS), associated with the TV show 'Ghosthunters'. The magazine has periodical features such as paranormal  information, tales of phenomena, ghost stories, and other articles. The magazine is distributed throughout the United States and the United Kingdom.

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Status : Currently Available.

This international journal established in 1955, is a quarterly magazine printed by quality litho on fine art paper, and with overseas governments and air force libraries as long-term subscribers and read by Prince Philip since the 1950s, FSR is recognised as the leading international organ in the world on the subject.


It is produced in England with the collaboration of a team of more than seventy experts and specialists from Britain and twenty other countries, including Western Europe, and the USA, Canada, Latin America, Russia, Ukraine, Slovenia,China, Japan and the Middle East. They include numerous PhDs, doctors of medicine, astronomers, physicists and other scientific experts. FSR is renowned for scientific and academic articles on the subject of UFOs.

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Status : No Longer Available.

Encounters magazine first appeared as a news-stand magazine in 1996 and sat beside the Alien Encounters magazine. It was an average purchase, a 60 glossy page magazine would cost around £2.99 and features articles within the subject of the paranormal and supernatural. Occasionally also featuring the odd UFO article, cryptozoological and conspiratorial information.


The editor was Nina Pendred and the publishers were Paragon Publishing, (same as Alen Encounters magazine). The magazine was owned by Uri Geller who's name appeared on the front of the magazine. (Sometimes referred to as Uri Geller's Encounters - The world's most paranormal magazine. The magazine ran for a few years before coming to an end during the later 1998 / early 1999...

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Status : Currently Available.

FATE is a full-color, 128 page bimonthly magazine that delivers a one-of-a-kind reading experience. Published continuously since 1948, FATE is the longest-running publication of its kind, supplying its loyal readership with a broad array of true reports of the strange and unknown for more than 60 years.


From archaeological hotspots, and fringe science, to authoritative UFO & paranormal investigations, and readers’ personal mystic experiences, FATE articles are factual, informative, and enlightening. FATE’s unique mix serves the growing audience of people seeking both answers and entertainment. During 2010, FATE announced that they were soon to celebrate their 61st year of publications. FATE covers all subjects of the paranormal, UFOs, conspiracies, Earth Mysteries and science...

mag 16



Status : No Longer Available.

A rather interesting magazine the featured articles in regards the UFO subject. UFO Reality featured some very high profile investigations throughout the UK and the 70 odd page glossy magazine was rather popular during 1997 and 1998.


The editor of UFO Reality magazine was Jon King and it was distributed throughout the UK, USA, Australia and Canada costing around £2.85 in the UK. Sub editor was John Beveridge and was published by Dylan Channon at Merricks Publishing Ltd.


Numerous high profile investigators of the UFO subject often supplied articles and the magazine was considered a must read by enthusiasts. By 1999 UFO Reality magazine had come to an end...

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Status : No Longer Available.

Beyond Magazine first arrived as a news-stand magazine in September of 1999 and cost around £2.99. The 80 page glossy publication was a reasonably good buy for its price and featured articles on all types of anomalies, be it paranormal, supernatural, UFO related, ESP, science and technology, conspiracies and Earth mysteries.


The editor was Tim Matthews and the publisher was Roy Bird. Assistant editor was Lyn Suggett along with commissioning editor Philip Mantle. It's consultants were high profile and the magazine had numerous interesting articles within its pages.


Beyond magazine appealed to both paranormal and UFO enthusiasts but unfortunately, like many other magazines, only lasted for a short time...

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Status : Currently Available.

In October 2009 a new paranormal magazine came to life - zombie like, but with brains, intelligence, humour and an unequivocal thirst to satisfy its readers. That magazine was called HAUNTED and it came packed full of scary goodness, informative well written, well researched entertaining features, celebrity interjections and just about anything and everything that fell within the eclectic mix of the paranormal umbrella, ella, ella. The pilot issue, lovingly known as Issue #0 featured Derren Brown, Derek Acorah, Girls Aloud and Scooby-Doo .... it started a whole new trend in paranormal magazines.


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Status : No Longer Available.

The X Factor magazine was only around 30 pages to each issue and was designed to group the issues together in an indexed volume which was very similar to the 1980s version of the Unexplained publication which also had binders.


The magazine cost around £.1.75 when it first came out and was published by Marshall Cavendish. There were two issues that had a free video documentary. Issue 1 documentary was called 'Roswell' and issue 3 documentary was called 'What if Extraterrestrial Contact'. The issue 3 was a special on the SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) program and was wrote by a few researchers including Stephen Mera of MAPIT. The magazine featured all types of anomallies such as the paranormal, UFO's, cryptozoology, Earth mysteries, the supernatural, ESP and conspiracies...

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Status : No Longer Available.

Quest Magazine investigates the wonders of the natural world in a lively and informative manner, from 'serious' environmental issues to the bizarre fringes of science and ancient monuments. The magazine was once known as Amature Astronomy which became Amature Astronomy & Earth Sciences, which then became AA&ES and eventually changing its name to Quest Magazine.


This glossy 80 page magazine had some very interesting and informative articles within its pages and its cost varied from £3.49 to £4.50 per issue. Like other magazines Quest also offered specialised binders that could be purchased to house the issues in. The editor was Jonathan Downes and articles were provided by some high profile researches...



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