Obtaining Affiliation with MAPIT/SEP

Throughout the United Kingdom & Overseas there are numerous organisation that recognise the BITC Course and it's investigation standards. Organisations can obtain an affiliation with MAPIT / SEP.

However to do so they must fall into a criteria.


These are as follows...


■  Organisations must use similar protocols.

■  Organisations must adhere to the investigation & research standards set by MAPIT / SEP.

■  Organisations must have their investigators BITC Registered.

■  Organisations must adhere to the MAPIT / SEP O.C.O. Standards.

■  Organisations must follow similar guidelines & policies in regards professionalism.


Groups, Organisations & Establishments holding a MAPIT / SEP association certificate can obtain numerous free services...


■  Can obtain assistance with photographic / video analysis.

■  Can obtain assistance with audio & environmental analysis.

■  Can obtain investigations in their location from MAPIT / SEP.

■  Can receive free lectures & discussions from MAPIT / SEP.

■  Can obtain a free investigators pack & news clipping DVD.

■  Can obtain a monthly MAPIT news bulletin via e-mail.

■  Can obtain investigation & research assistance.

■  Can take part in MAPIT / SEP Investigators Training Days.

■  Can attend certain group meetings.
















Currently, MAPIT / SEP have around 34 affiliated organisations on our database. If interested becoming an affiliated organisation, simply contact MAPIT Head Office. Affiliated organisations must hold a certificate of affiliation which is signed by both the MAPIT / SEP Chairman and the affiliated organisations Chairman.


Due to breaches in policy & agreements MAPIT / SEP have the right to revoke affiliation at any time.


We hope by obtaining affiliation it will encourage people with similar interests to work together if required and respect other opinions and values.

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The process of becoming affiliated with MAPIT

Contact us directly if you have any queries