The Near Death Experience.

In  order  to  understand  life,  one  should  first  study  death.  It  is  an  inevitable  conclusion  yet  holds  many  mysteries.  The  Near  Death  Experience  is  probably  the  most  talked  about  subject  in  the  scientific  establishment,  yet  there  remains  differing  views.


The  story  of  Lazarus  has  been  thought  of  as  a  fairy  tale  by  many.  However,  if  he  was  raised  from  the  dead  today,  he  would  probably  be  regarded  as  neither  fairy  tale  nor  some  type  of  miraculous  recovery,  just  another  one  of  those  Near  Death  Experiencers.  If  we  consider  this  seriously  for  a  minute  then  there  must  be  more  Lazarus's  walking  about  today  than  there  were  in  Biblical  times.  A  huge  amount  of  people  are  raised  from  the  dead  every  year  due  to  the  wonders  of  scientific  medicine.


In  the  8th  century  in  this  country  a  monk  named  'Bede'  told  the  story  of  a  Northumbrian  man  called  Cunningham,  who  died  during  the  night.  At  daybreak  he  returned  to  life  and  suddenly  sat  up  to  see  his  friends  and  family  weeping  about  him,  they  were  so  shocked  they  fled  in  fear.  Cunningham  later  described  how  he  left  his  body  to  find  himself  in  a  heavenly  place  accompanied  by  a  handsome  man  wearing  a  shining  robe.  He  was  not  at  all  happy  when  he  was  informed  that  he  couldn't  stay  and  that  he  would  have  to  go  back  to  the  living.  He  explained  how  he  was  reluctant  to  leave  such  a  place  of  overwhelming  beauty,  however,  he  would  not  dare  to  question  his  guide.  Then  suddenly  he  found  himself  amongst  the  living  again.  Cunningham  also  stated  that  he  had  seen  his  own  physical  body  and  people  standing  around  and  even  spoke  of  their  conversations.


There  are  cases  throughout  history  which  similarise  with  incidents  of  today,  this  indicates  that  we  are  not  looking  at  a  modern  phenomenon. Doctor  Raymond  Moody  pioneered  this  subject  and  coined  the  phrase  Near  Death  Experience  (N.D.E.).  His  in  depth  research  of  hundreds  of  people  brought  him  face  to  face  with  the  phenomenon.  People  from  all  walks  of  life  told  him  of  their  experience's  after  they  had  apparently  left,  or  moved  out  of  their  physical  bodies  during  a  life  threatening  or  near  death  crises  in  their  illness.


There  are  several  mundane  explanations,  however,  with  some  witnesses  certain  causes  could  be  ruled  out,  such  as  delusions,  hallucinations,  dreams,  drugs  and  medicines,  oxygen  depravation  and  physiological  disturbances.  Only  in  the  last  six  years  has  the  scientific  community  treated  such  claims  with  derision.  Recent  surveys  show  that  there's  a  surprising  amount  of  correlation  between  patients  who  claim  to  have  had  a  near  death  experience  and  actual  procedures  involved  in  their  resuscitation. These  similarities  appear  to  enhance  the  evidence  of  a  working  phenomenon.  However,  there  are  those  who  believe  that  there's  a  more  simple  answer.  Doctor  Susan  Blackmore,  psychologist  explains  the  near  death  imagery,  such  as  the  tunnel  of  light  or  a  being  of  light  to  be  aberrations  of  the  dying  brain.  Some believe that imagery is an  effect  produced  by  the  circular  radiating  arrangement  of  oxygen  starved  brain  cells  in  the  visual  cortex.


The  N.D.E.  Which is brought on by (N.D.T) a Near Death Trauma has  also  been  thought  to  have  some  sort  of  connection  with  profound  U.F.O. experience's by a few individuals,  such  as  beings  of  light  observed  during  an  N.D.E.  and  Entities  observed  in  close  encounters  of the third and fourth kind.  Also  a  mild  connection  with  the  'Oz  factor'  proposed  by  Jenny  Randles.  She  explains  that  "Phenomena  from  that  different  reality  may  step  through  and  we  may  slip  out  of  our  own  world  for  a  brief  moment.  This  could  make  sense  of  some  experience's,  notably  those  where  a  witness  describes  how  they  seemingly  entered  an  alien  environment  parallel  with,  and  closely  similar  to,  our  own,  but  clearly  not  quite  normal,  everyday  reality". This theory interests me deeply and there are numerous reports that indicate its presence.


Reports  from  witnesses  who  have  had  a  

N.D.E.  sometimes  show  a  telepathic  communication  with  an  outside  source  during  the  episode  and  again  there  are  similar  reports  during  C.E. 3 and  4 cases.  Could  it  be  possible  that  we  are  only  looking  for  a  connection  so  we  can  study  new  theories ?  Some  believe  that  the  N.D.E.  is  similar  to  Out  of  the  Body  Experiences; there  could  be  a  possibility,  however,  Doctor  Susan  Blackmore  has  found  that  O.B.E’s  do  not  seem  to  be  related  to  U.F.O.  experiences,  however , some  still  construct  connections  which  lead  you  to  believe  neither  of  both.


After  interviewing  several  people  myself who  claim  to  have  had  a  near  death  experience  I  have  come  to  the  conclusion  that  they  believe  very  strongly  that  they  have  had  such  an  experience . Their  experience  has  had  some  sort  of  influence  or  affect  on  their  life  such  as,  a  reduced  fear  of  death,  a  greater  zest  for  life,  increased  respect  and  compassion  for  others.


During  the  past  12  months  serious  research  has  taken  place  into  paranormal , mystical  , anomalous  experiences  and  beliefs and  their  relationship  with  perceptual  imaginative  thinking.  There  has  been  some  new  interesting  information  that  shows  that  female's  have  less  imaginative  experiences  than  males  and  other  startling  similarities  which  show  that  the  Near  Death  Experience  is  relevant  to  life  and  the  paranormal.  A  much  more  in depth  study  is  required  before  completely  dismissing  this  anomaly  as  purely  a  psychological  induced  hallucinatory  event.  Such  cases  should  be  investigated  thoroughly  and well  documented.



Compiled bu Steve Mera.

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