MAPIT have been collating records and data since 1973. Such records consist of research material, government documents and over 2000 documented cases. MAPIT also utilise a database so to correlate information regarding case details, sightings throughout the country and information to assist with statistical analysis and surveys. A small section from the MAPIT / SEP Investigation database can be seen below...


Below are just a handful of records MAPIT has in it Archives.


Mysterious Fumes / The Cash / Landrum Incident / The European Parliament UFO Session / The Shape Report / The Bermuda Triangle / The Ezikiel Document / Strange Encounters on the Isle of Man / Titanic Documents / Black Helicopters / The Roswell Incident and the GAO Report / Animal Mutilations / The Incredible Incident of Jal 1628 / UFOs, The Unlimited Soulution : The German Legend / The Swiss Air Jet : UFO Incident.


The National Security Agency Handbook / UFO Radar Confirmation / The Acquisition of Advanced Technology / The Secret KGB UFO Files / The Manchester / Leeds UFO Incident / The UFO Inteligence Papers No. 8 / The UFO Inteligence Papers No. 6 / The UFO Inteligence Papers No. 5 / The UFO Inteligence Papers No. 4 / Helicopter / UFO Encounters / Physical Evidence Related to UFO Reports Part 2 / Strange Deaths / Physical Evidence Related to UFO Reports Part 1.


The Case of the Silent Vulcan / UFO Incident at LeCI / The 1992 Canadian UFO Survey / Bill Coopers UFO & Alien Information / Relationship Between Sci Fi Films & UFOs / The Clermount County Recording : UFO Sightings / Project Sign : Technical Report No. F-TR-2274-1A / The Bentwaters Incident / Magestic 12 / The Travis Walton Incident / The Smurl Poltergeist Case / Area 51 : Psychology of Dreamland / The CIAs Role in the Study of UFOs.


CAUS Vs The NASA / Project Twinkle / The MOD Official Secrets Act / The Poltergeist Machine / FOIA & Military / UFO Underground Facilities / EVP / Spiritcom / The Montauk Program / The Monsanto Research Complex & the Seeding of America / Defence Intelligence Staff Unit 55 (DI55) / The Case For The Extraterrestrial Origin of Flying Sauncers / The Ghosthunters Handbook / Project Blue Book Unknowns.


The Philidelphia Experiment / The Mantell Case / The Shag Harbour Incident / Appending Luna Anomalies / Aliens in the Bible / The McDaniel Report / The Brookings Institute Report / The Kenneth Arnold Incident / The LST City in the Sky Incident / The Manchester Black Helicopters / The Winter Hill UFO Incident / Matrix / Apollo 13 : Original Mission Report / The Lord Eldon Public House Haunting / The Apollo 14 Manual / The New Project Blue Book / NASA Mission Badges / The Alleged Lunar fake Photography / The Condon Report.


MAPIT correspond with leading investigators of the subject so to obtain raw data. Information has been obtained from a wide range of sources including authors and lecturers of the subject. It is also necessary for MAPIT to hold a database on BITC Registered investigators throughout the world and is important to register under the Data Protection Act when holding information such as names and addresses. A small section of the BITC Registered Investigators Database can be seen above...


Every year MAPIT release a yearly report in regards investigations and research carried out over the last 12 months and recognises the efforts undertaken by its investigators. This report can also be used to monitor statistics which can become helpful in the future. MAPIT does distribute this report to numerous organisations and believes it is important to share such knowledge. MAPIT encourage sharing important data with other similar organisations. Such a report can be seen below...

records2 records3

MAPIT have numerous other databases that include data regarding our documentary trading center, administration and membership details. MAPIT does have a large amount of administration and utilises specialised report forms and querstionnaires, a number of them of listed below...

rec1 rec2 rec3 rec4 rec5 rec6 rec7 rec8 rec9 rec10 rec11 rec12 rec13 rec14 rec15

The forms below consist of UFO Report Forms & Questionnaires / Paranormal Report Forms & Questionnaires / NDE - OBE Report Forms & Questionnaires / Alien Abduction Report Form & Questionnaires / Animal Mutilation Report Form & Vehicle Interference Questionnaire / Parental Permission Forms & On Site Report Form / Geiger Counter Report Forms & Resitivity Meter Report Form.


MAPIT also uses numerous other forms for ESP Testing, Questionnaires, Test Sheets and internal admin.

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Investigators and Investigation Databases

& Annual Reports


Documented Records

MAPIT have thousands of documents on all aspects of anomalous phenomena. If you are looking for a certain document to read, please do not hesitate in contacting us. We will do our best to help.