MAPIT was Founded in 1974 by David Rees who spent the best part of 15 years investigating claims of aerial phenomena. David was featured on several television shows during the late 70s and early 80s. He also was a regular contributor to local newspapers and news-stand magazines and was editor of Skywatch Magazine.  In later years the organisation was passed to Chairman Stephen Mera who continues David's work to date.


Stephen first became interested in the subject of UFOs and the Paranormal at an early age and after leaving secondary school he studied at both South Trafford College and North Trafford College along with GEC Electrical for over 10 years and obtained a Degree in Electrical Engineering. During this time Stephen began conducting research which lead to numerous investigations which he carried out on his own, until opening Cheshire UFO Group.


Stephen worked in Essex for NATO - (RAF Weatherfield) as a Telecommunications Contractor. After which Stephen took over the running of MAPIT: (Manchester Aerial Phenomena Investigation Team) formally run by David Reese. Stephen also joined BUFORA; (British UFO Research Association) and became a Regional Investigative Co-ordinator and Tutor.


During the early 90's Stephen started writing the BITC; (British Investigators Training Course) in Anomalous Phenomena which today is the most recognised course of its kind internationally. The BITC currently comes in basic and advanced levels. Stephen completed his Pre-Degree Psychology at South Trafford College and in early 1996 Stephen sat the 7370 Teachers Course and went onto tutor at Sale Grammar School. He was also conducting science lectures at many schools and colleges around the country. During the latter part of 1996 Stephen reformed MAPIT and also assisted in the launch of MARA; (Merseyside Anomalies Research Association). Stephen assisted with the launch of NUFORA; (The National UFO Research Association) and numerous other organisations. Stephen was also a member and investigator with NARO; (Northern Anomalies Research Organisation) ran by Peter Hough & Jenny Randles.


In 1998 Stephen completed the BSY Parapsychology Course and in later years sat the Forensic Parapsychology Course followed by the Paranormal Investigation Course with the Institute of Forensic Parapsychology, London. Stephen has been associated and/or involved in many TV Shows and radio presentations throughout the UK and overseas, and continues to lecture around internationally. Stephen is also a freelance journalist for a number of magazines and newspapers and has had several publications of his own including the A-Z of the Paranormal, Strange Happenings, Paranormal Reality, The Rochdale Poltergeist (with co-author Jenny Ashford)...


During the latter part of the 90's Stephen constructed and launched SEP: (The Scientific Establishment of Parapsychology) so to closely work with parapsychological organisations throughout the country. He is also the director/owner of the monthly magazine Phenomena. Stephen continues to run the long standing organisation MAPIT and is the head tutor of the BITC Courses.


TV Shows Stephen has appeared in / associated with:


Sightings, Strange But True, Most Haunted, Revealing Secrets, Look North West, Highland Mysteries,

Out of this World, Origin Unknown, Mysterious Skies, Granada Reports, Ghosthunters UK Version, Strange Creatures UK, Conspiracy Corner, Heaven & Earth, The Late Night Debate Show, The Richard & Judy Show, Good Morning TV, Encounters, MGhost Cases, Mysterious Britain, On Location, The X-Files, Beyond Belief, The Why-Files, The Scream Team, The Afterlife, Circlular Mysteries, Psychic Live Time, UFO Hunters, The Great Unexplained Debate Show, Channel M Debates, National Geographic Channels - Mysterious Science, National Geographic Channels - Paranatural, Supernatural Science, Fright Night, Show-Reel, Cyber Cafe, Paranormal Happenings, Wild Case Files, UFOs Over Manchester, Phenomena Project and numerous other productions.


Magazines that have featured Stephen's Articles.


Sightings, Alien Encounters, UFO Review, The Paranormal Magazine, Encounters, UFO Monthly, Uri Gellers Encounters, Strange Ways, UFO Magazine, UFO Reality, The Conspiracy Magazine, Womans Own, New Woman, Chat, Paranormal, UFO News UK, Fate, The Unexplained, Ghost Voices, Womans Weekly, Naro Minded, Phenomena, Mysterious Times, UFO Truth Magazine and numerous other small publications.


Radio Stations.

GMR, Radio One, Piccadilly Gold, Lancashire Red Rose Radio, Pang Radio, KTPF, The Kevin Moore Show, Challenge FM, Wythenshawe FM, Talk Radio, Shockwave Radio and numerous other community stations and Internet Radio, Sounds of Salford, Steve was Co-Host of Planet X Radio.


Stephen also assists Salford University in regards information and filming opportunities and is currently a consultant  for PSI Applications in the U.S. Stephen hold many honerable membership positions with organisations and establishments internationally. He was also the official spokesman for the Hammer movie - The Quiet Ones, and was a nominee at the Edinburgh Film Festival in 2008.


MAPIT specialise in the investigation of aerial phenomena and are associateds with SEP - The Scientific Establishment of  Parapsychology who specialise in corporate investigastions of paranormal/parapsychological topics. Steve Mera is the CEO of 'Phenomena Magazine' which are the leading sponsors of subject related events internationally.

To learn more, please feel free to get in touch with Stephen at:  [email protected] or through his numerous Facebook pages, Linkedin etc.


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Photographs: The later years...

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MAPIT and its Chairman

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