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A list of our most recent 20 investigations listed below...


  1. Continued work on the Phenomena Project with SEP - On-Going.

  2. Paranormal research in regards the mechanics of phenomena - On-Going.

  3. UFO / ET Abduction / Interaction - Status - Completed.

  4. Paranormal Investigation of a residential home in Bury, Lancs - Completed.

  5. 2 UFO sightings in Manchester - Status - Completed.

  6. ESP Data Logging - Status - Active.

  7. UFO Sighting and photographs - Status - Active.

  8. Paranormal investigation in Bolton - Status - Completed.

  9. UFO sighting in Flixton, Manchester - Completed.

10. Paranormal investigation at residential building in Withington, Manchester - Status - Completed.

11. Paranormal investigation at a Knutsford Hotel - Status - Completed.

12. Paranormal investigation at a hotel in Wythenshawe Manchester - Status - Completed.

13. Investigation into paranormal disturbances linked with a painting - Status - Shelved.

14. Investigation of a strange creature caught on camera - Status - Completed.

15. Investigation of an alleged Alien Abduction caught on camera - Status - Completed.

16. Investigation of a UFO sighting that took place in Merseyside, Liverpool - Completed

17. Investigation of a UFO sighting and three photographs taken over Manchester - Completed.

18. Investigation into Paranormal Disturbances at a family home in Runcorn - Completed.

19. Investigation of Paranormal Disturbances in a house in Manchester - Completed.

20. Investigation at residential home in Bolton - Completed.





The UITC - UFO Investigators Training Course





1. Thoughtography.

2. Dowsing Experiment.

3. Psych Paranormal Stimulus Project.

4. EVP and Transplacement.

5. Psychokinesis and Dowsing.





Observational Training.





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