Manchester UFOs.

Lets not forget that, in January of 1995 the Ministry of Defence had to conduct an official investigation into a near air miss. As an aircraft came into Manchester airport it was buzzed by a wedge shaped dark coloured object which was moving at an incredible speed. Pilots noted that there was a strange absence of sound and wake as the object shot past. The pilots were so shook up they literally ducked as they passed the object. After a years investigation the official conclusion was UNKNOWN.


Today, many pilots are discouraged from reporting such incidents, however on this occasion even passengers witnessed the event.


During Feburary 1998 two strange lights were seen flying over Stretford, Salford and Manchester Town Centre. The objects which were described as simply balls of light that had a pulsating lights on them moved across the country towards Sheffield before splitting apart and moving off in different directions at an incredible speed.


I myself saw the notorious flying triangle in 2007 from my very own back gargen in Wythenshawe, Manchester. A beautiful clear night drew my attention then suddenly the object came into view. A perfect triangular object with apex lights that were fixed and orange coloured. It moved across the sky almost undetected by residents. The huge object was completely silent and bared no normal aircraft recognition lighting. Something the Cival Aviation Authority enforce themselves. The completely silent object travelled with pace towards the North and eventually out of sight.


To date, MAPIT have received hundreds of UFO sightings throughout the Manchester Area, some even involving Police Officers and Official Reports. Photographs and video footage still arrive on our desks regularly. We know by now the the UFO Phenomenon is a global mystery which continues to gain public interest and are becoming all too aware as to these strange arieal visitors. Be it in our skys or in near orbit, so filmed by NASA on numerous occasions. I believe Manchester will continue to be a location of unusual arieal activity for quite some time.


Continuos investigation can be tedeous. However, I still encourage people to report the sightings no matter how mudane they think they are.



Steve Mera.

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Manchester is no stranger to the UFO phenomenon. I myself have been interested in this subject since seeing something strange in the sky during my early teens.


26 years on and I am now the Chairman of the long running Manchester based organisation MAPIT which have been active since 1974, investigating and researching arieal phenomena. We receive many reports of strange objects and lights in the sky regularly.

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