Lifes Little Mysteries

Investigating UFOs and the paranormal can sometimes be a little mudane, however there is a set protocol for most investigators to follow. Interviwing witnesses, analysing evidence and attempting to capture alleged phenomena yourself on camera of video. That seems to be the general rule of thumb. But what about the odd things you come across from time to time that leaves you dumbfounded, giving you no idea what the hell to do or how to investigate it. These are just a few of the strange things I have come across that baffles me to date...


Mystery Mechanics.


On February 2nd 1996 I was travelling home from a friends in Stretford, Manchester. It was around 1.30am as I approached Stretford train station bridge. As I sat waiting for the traffic lights to change, something caught my eye. Up in the sky to my right were three bright red lights that seemed to be moving. As I looked more intensely I could make out a dark shaped triangular object. The red lights seemed to be situated at its apexes. It was odd, I'd never seen anything like it. Suddenly the car behind me bibbed its horn, dragging me back to reality. The lights were on green. I watched it out of my window for as long as I could. Eventually losing sight of it near Sale, Cheshire, I carried on home, excited at what I had seen. I rushed in to tell my partner what I had seen, but before I could get a word out, she told me that she had been listening to a radio show discussing UFOs, and that three guys had telephoned in to say that they were watching a UFO in the sky. A live interview you could say. Interestingly, these guys claiming to be students were in the vicinity of Stetford. The same place I had seen the strange object in the sky. For me, being an investigator, coincidence flew out of the window. Something strange had been going on in the skies over Manchester.


The following day, my telephone was ringing constantly from witnesses claiming to have watched a large silent triangular UFO move slowly over Lancashire County cricket club in Stretford. In the evening of February 5th I got a telephone call from a fellow investigator who told me that the three guys claiming to be students on the radio were in fact three night duty police officers from Old Trafford Police Station and that she had set up an interview with them. The following day I talked with two of the three officers on the phone and arranged to meet up with them the following morning. I remember the morning of February 7th 1996 very well. It was absolutely hammering down in rain. I gathered my interview equipment and headed off to meet up with them. I had hardly got half a mile when suddenly my accelerator peddle dropped to the floor and my car engine roared. I tried lifting it off the floor with my foot, but this made no difference. I abruptly stopped and parked. It was clear to me that something had broken, maybe my accelerator cable. There was nothing I could do. I locked up my car and put the alarm on. I ran back home, but when I got there I was like a drowned rat. I quickly picked up the phone and rang one of the officers to tell him I was not going to be able to make it. Another appointment was arranged to take place in a couple of days.


The following morning I planned to telephone the AA breakdown service from a telephone box near where my car was and wait for them to turn up, but when I got there I noticed something quite odd. I unlocked my car turning the alarm off, just as I have done every day. I looked down at my accelerator and paused..... It was now back in its normal position and on starting the car, was working fine. Strange, the night before the accelerator peddle had no tension in it and had just dropped to the floor, yet now... it was all fine. I started the car and drove back home without any problem. How had my car been mysteriously fixed? When I turn my car alarm off it bleeps twice to let me know if it had gone off in the night, but no... It bleeped only the once. Someone or something had corrected the problem without leaving any evidence of how they had done it. I was totally baffled. On further inspection, the accelerator was fine and didn't even show any signs or wearing. Very Odd! I simply had no explanation.


As it happens, the police officers had contacted my friend and told her that they no longer wanted to be interviewed as they had clearly broken protocol by ringing the radio station and had also been warned not to talk to anyone about it by high officials. All in all there were over 40 witnesses to the strange UFO seen in the skies over Stretford and I was lucky enough to have seen it myself. However, it would seem that I was not supposed to meet up with the officers that morning. Maybe the whole investigation may have been different if I had. I kept my car for a further 4 years before selling it and in all that time, never did I ever have a problem with that accelerator...


Time Trip Home.


During October of 1997 I was contacted by Martin Lewis, a courier from Wigan who had a very interesting story to tell. During late September of that year he had been given a small parcel to deliver to a company in Devon. Martin had been a motorcycle courier for around 6 years and was familier with all the major UK motorways. Over the years he had delivered in all weathers and was aware of many short cuts, so to miss out roadworks and known congested areas. Martin had worked out his route and realised the round trip to Devon and back would set him back around 7 and a half hours. (Pretty good going for a trip to Devon and back). Martin's motorcycle was equipped with a sophisticated taco meter so he could accurately work out milage and fuel consumption. He left is home in Wigan around 8.30pm telling his wife not to stay up, as he would not be back until around 4.00am. She agreed and waved as Martin set off on his long journey. Martin had made good time as he arrived at his destination at 11.43pm. The company security team signed for the package and Martin started off on his journey back.


Around 12.45am, Martin decided to take a slightly different jouney back. A short cut that should save 20 odd minutes off his journey. He thought he'd make use of the quiet country roads. The night was cold and still, the moonlight scattered itself across the fields. Even though the small unlit country roads were a little difficult to navigate, not a single vehicle was in sight. It was now almost 1.00am. As Martin turned onto a larger road he noticed two lights in the distance. At first, he thought it was just a car travelling towards him. He was now driving parallel to open fields and it seemed that the two lights were getting closer. Martin kept glancing to his left. It was strange, the lights seemed to be in the field and getting nearer all the time. They were quite brilliant, difficult to look directly at... What was it? Was it a plane or helicopter of some sort? Martin started to slow down a little, in hope of getting a better look. The lights were getting nearer and larger. Martin decided to pull over. He sat on his bike watching the bright lights. It was only when he switched his engine off, he realised something was not quite right. There was no noise. It was perfectly quiet, the only sound being the breeze blowing through the fields. Martin suddenly felt a little unnerved. The lights were now only a few hundred yards away, they were lighting the whole field. There were two of them side by side about 30 feet in air. Martin now starting to panic a little quickly started his motorbike. It was at this point Martin remembers being hit by some kind of floodlight. Everything went extremely bright.... The next thing... Martin was pulling up his drive in Wigan with no knowledge how he got there.


He was puzzled to see the lights still on. His wife had obviously stayed up waiting for him, but... when he looked at his watch it was 1.56am. He sat there on his bike, perplexed as to how he got home so quickly. Martin looked down at the milage on his motorbike, it had done almost 560 miles. The correct milage to expect. Yet, he was home before 2.00am. Martin couldn't understand how he had got home sooner than he should of, yet the motobike shown the milage. Martin had contacted me a couple of weeks later after getting my number from a friend. On visiting him I was shown the taco meter and the logged 560.3 mile trip. After calculating I worked out that the taco meter and logged milage did confirm a full trip to Devon and back. There was confirmation when his journey started and a signed receipt at around 11.45pm by the company security officers in Devon, so if he had made the full jouney back home to Wigan at a steady 60 mph using direct motorways, his journey should have got him home for around 3.35am at the earliest. For him to have arrived at 1.56am, his motorbike would have had to exceed its capabilities. All Martin could do was frown. He had no idea how he got home so fast and had no recollection of making the journey. The last thing he remembered was being flooded in light.


Martins UFO sighting was logged and after performing three months of exhausting research, nothing was ever found nor reported by anyone else. What ever happened to Martin remains a mystery. A mystery that has forced Martin never to take short cuts using quiet country roads. He now sticks to the busy motorways...


A Double Take.


In August of 1999 I was visiting Altrincham, Cheshire with my partner and aunt. I had parked up a side street allowing them to jump out my car and whip into a near by shop. I sat there eyes pealed for a traffic warden. Clearly I should not have been parking where I did; (so I'll appologise now for that one). I sat there watching people and cars go past... Then, something strange happened. I watched as a woman past in front of my car, her handbag had slipped off her sholder and almost fell on the floor. She had grabbed it just in time. In doing so she glanced to her left and looked directly at me... I just smiled. She flung her bag strap over her sholder and carried on just as a red Ferrari drove past. Yep... I'm a guy! Transfixed on the gleaming red sports car as it cruised past effortlessly. I remember thinking what it would be like to drive one... I looked down to grab a cigarette and when I looked up again, there was the same woman walking past in the same direction. I immediately thought that she must have somehow turned back and then come past again... but this was within seconds, and how did I not see her do that? I watched as she passed in front of my car, then... as if watching a replay, her bag strap slipped off her sholder. She quickly grabbed it before it fell to the floor.


I couldn't believe it, I had just seen this happen! I was waiting.... waiting for her to glance left and look directly at me. I remember talking to myself in that car saying ' Go on then, look at me, go on'. and then... There it was! She looked directly at me. Once again I just smiled. She flug her bag strap over her sholder and carried on, but I remembered... I quickly turned my head to the right waiting to see the red Ferrari, and withing 1 or 2 seconds it came into view. The car had past by just as it had done before. I was amazed. Did I have some form of precognitive event or did the world somehow just jump, like a record on a player. Everything I had seen I watched twice. A replay of a 1 minute event in my life. I couldn't make any sense of it. It was weird, a strange feeling came over me. When my partner and aunt returned to the car, I explained what had happened. All they could say is, 'Oh Yeh! I've heard of those things happening, It Weird in it!'  The sentance rolled off the tongues so easily, but for me, it was much more significant. I had never experienced anything like that, and have never since. During my research I have come across quite a few stories of people experiencing similar things, but ten years on, and I'm no nearer to explaining how and why that happened...


Thousands upon thousands of people world wide often talk of experiencing strange little oddities that they cannot explain... Some incidents are really perplexing, others... people just refer to them as LIFES LITTLE MYSTERIES...




By Steve Mera.

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