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This sections shows a few of our investigations we have carried out over the years.
They consist of the following...

■ The Sunlight House Case:
An investigation into a 14 story building in the center of Manchester UK. This was one of the first corporate investigations carried out by MAPIT. Office staff were reporting paranormal disturbances and had refused to work late hours. Research work carried out by our Director of Research : Steve Yarwood.

■ The Rochdale Poltergeist Case:
An investigation into poltergeist type disturbances as a prefab bungalow in Rochdale. MAPIT obtained assistance from Peter Hough of NARO - Northern Anomalies Research Organisation. Investigators witnessed water formings and managed to obtain some for analysis which showed something remarkable. Also Steve Mera of MAPIT was punched in the back bu an unseen force.

■ The Jones Abduction Case:
This particular case to place in the late 70s and was re-investigated by Steve Mera of MAPIT. The case involved a family that witnessed a strange object descend from the sky. Missing time was also experienced as well as strange figures. Unusual experiences continued for a number of years.

■ The Lord Eldon Case:
An investigation into claims of paranormal disturbances at a public house in Knutford, Cheshire. Many people had reported the sighting of apparitions, object movement, physical interaction and unusual sounds. A strange note and wooden cross was found under the stairs during renovations which caused investigators to carry out some in depth research.

■ The Farworld Crop Circle Case:
Investigators spent an afternoon examining a crop circle that had appeared at a location known as Farmworld. After analysing the formation investigators came to the conclusion that the circle was hoaxed. Find out why the crop circle was hoaxed and who constructed it.

■ The City in the Sky Case:
A very interesting investigation into an unusual sighting of a city in the sky. Investigators interview the crewmen of an LST war ship in regards their sighting whilst at sea during the second world war. Researchers discover a possible explanation, however the city was described as something from the past.

■ The Walkerwoods Case:
An investigation of an area where numerous people have reported strange creatures. This case revolves around a men her were out in the woods one evening when they discovered that they were being followed and chased by some type of being. The location is not far from Cannock Chase where other similar incidents have been reported.

■ The Carrington UFO Flap:
An investigation into numerous sightings throughout the years in a location known as Carrington. Strange lights, unusual objects and large mysterious crafts have all been seen by witnesses in the area including police officers from Sale, Cheshire. Investigators find the police report and interview witnesses to the incidents. Carrington continues to be somewhat of a hot spot.

■ Black Helicopters over Manchester:
An investigation into numerous sightings of black helicopters in the skies over Manchester. Many witnesses said that the helicopters looked like the Apache Military helicopter but with some type of boom at the end of its tale instead of a rotor. This sounded very similar to the NOTAR - (No Tail Rotor System). Investigation & Research lead investigators to believe a new prototype aircraft was being flown around over Manchester.

■ Boggart Hole Clough:
This investigation mostly consisted ob research material compiled by investigator Steve Yarwood. Numerous detailed reports of poltergeist type activity and the sighting of a Boggart was obtained. Historical research provided a folklore type mythological creature known as the Boggart which are said to live near sharp bends in roads, caves, holes and underneath bridges. Is there any truth the the incidents?

■ Manchester & Leeds UFO Incident - February 1998:
During February of 1998 a series of UFO sightings took place across the United Kingdom. Strange strobing lights were seen to travel across the sky over Stretford, Manchester and heading towards Leeds. The objects were said to have separated away from each other over Yorkshire. Andy Rackham of Leeds & Bradford Airport has discussed the matter in length. Photographs and video footage was taken by witnesses which show somethiing that does not resemble a military or civilian aircraft.

■ The Shawe Alien Abduction Case:
An investigation into the claims of a man who believes he had witnessed a UFO in close proximity and had communicated with alien type creatures. Mr. Shawe had reported having missing time. The site investigation revealled an unusual circular depression where the plant growth was significantly different than outside the depression. Burn marks on the trees and unusual soil analysis was also discovered. Hypnosis was carried out in hope of Mr. Shawe retreiving some of his lost memories. What he remembered was an amazing encounter of the third kind. (MAPIT now operate a No Hypnosis Policy) as its use can sometimes make an investigation more difficult.

■ The Anglesey UFO Investigation:
The sighting of a large cigar shaped object was spotted by 3 witnesses whilst on holiday in Anglesey, Wales. The object which relected light in the sun was dark in colour and made no apparent noise. Nether aircraft lights, wings, a tale or engines were visible. MAPIT investigators innitialy thought the object to be a solar balloon, however, via use of trigonometry, meteorological conditions and research data, investigators found themselves with a bigger mystery.

■ The Menwith Hill Investigation:
Menwith Hill is a secret listening facility owned by the National Security Agency NSA situated in Otley, West Yorkshire. MAPIT investigate the facility and questions what it is realy going on there. MAPIT investigators are warned off from the area. Further investigation finds many discrepancies as to what Menwith Hill is referred to as. Is Menwith Hill monitoring UFOs or are they listening in to our conversations like they have been accused of before?

■ Project Rainbow - The Philadelphia Experiment:
An investigation into the authenticity of the Philadelphia Project. Was there realy an experiment conducted in 1943 to make a ship disappear from view? MAPIT review the testimony of Carl Allen and looks through records in an attempt to find out what realy went on. Did the experiment go wrong, were crewmen fazing out, and did the experiments continue at Montauk?

■ Chingle Hall Investigation:
MAPIT have conducted over 20 on site investigations of England's most haunted building. MAPIT review some of the many experiences at Chingle Hall that include the sighting of monk like apparitions, poltergeist type disturbances, time slips and ghostly goings on. Some people refuse to go back to Chingle Hall after witnessing apparitions. Some investigators caught a paranormal scream on tape. Find out what the analysts thought of it.

■ UFO Photographs:
MAPIT receive around 600 Photographs per year of all things unusual. Most of which are UFOs caught on camera. Here you can find a handful of the most amazing and weird UFO photographs which have prompted serious investigation and numerous forms of analysis only to remain unknown. If you have an idea as to what these UFO are, then please let us know.

■ The Ribble Vally UFO Investigation:
An investigation into UFO activity around a farm in the Ribble Valley area. Witnesses watched in amazement as a disk shaped craft hovers silently in a nearby field. MAPIT are called out to the location and conduct a sight investigation using Magnetometers and Geiger Counters. A second encounters forces the witness to call the police out in the early hours of the morning. What was it he saw and why did they keep coming back?

■ Wythenshawe Hall Investigation:
MAPIT investigate the strange goings on at a stately manor house known as Wythenshawe Hall. The sighting of a lady in white have been seen numerous times as well as a floating lantern throughout the grounds. Mysterious apparitions of monks have also been seen and strange noises are heard in the empty bedrooms. MAPIT investigators have obtained unusual photographs and interview the security officers who had witnessed the paranormal for themselves.

■ The Ladybower Case:
In March of 1997 residents of the Peak District heard a loud explosion, some watched a large triangular UFO cross the sky as others watched a small aircraft that looked to be difficulties. A 24 hour search and rescue was carried out and police officers were asked to keep quite about the whole event after being innundated with phone calls. There was even a claim that a pilot was seen after his aircraft was shot down by a UFO. Could there realy be any truth to this incident?

■ The Stockport Poltergeist:
MAPIT were called out to investigate strange disturbances at a residential home in Stockport, Cheshire. The family were barricading themselves into the front bedroom every night after seeing a large dark figure stamp his way up the stairs. One of the girls had been pushed down the stairs and had broken her leg. Fire and cooker knobs were being turned on. Objects launched themselves across the room and a huge crack was found in the lounge door after it mysteriously slammed shut. MAPIT investigators were so concerned for the families well-being they asked for help from a local church.

■ The Harris Haunting:
It's not often that MAPIT are called out to new homes that are said to be experiencing paranormal phenomena. In this case, MAPIT investigators are called in to find out why objects are moving around. Parts of the house are constantly cold and a young child is suffering from night terrors. Strange voices are heard and an apparition of a man is seen to fade into the lounge wall. Could there be a connection to the area where this new house was built?

■ Star Jelly:
In 2001 MAPIT conducted an investigation into strange lights that dropped into a field in Carrington. Witnesses thought the lights were meteoric in nature. On investigation of the location, investigators found an unusual jelly type substance that was yellow in colour which had a strong odour of Sulphur. Could this be the infamous 'Star Jelly' that has been reported around the world and thought to come from outer space, or is there a more mundane explantion?

■ UFO Near Air Miss:
During January 1995, MAPIT was quick to respond to a UFO sighting by an aircraft pilot and first officer, who had officially reported their sighting to the appropriate department at Manchester International Airport. They claimed to have seen a wedge shaped object rush past them, that left no wake. Claiming nothing was caught on radar, Manchester International Airport submitted a report to the Civil Aviation Authority, that conducted their own investigation and released their conclusion a year later.

■ Mysterious Anglesey:
An investigation into strange paranormal activity at numerous locations around Anglesey, Wales. Several ancient sites were visited as well as a haunted crossroads, castle, gaol, inns etc. Local residents tell of strange ghostly manifestations and an on site investigation is carried out at an alleged haunted graveyard. Anglesey is full of reported paranormal events. These are just a few of them we have looked into.

■ Abney Hall.
An investigation into numerous reports of paranormal happenings at Abney Hall in Cheadle, Stockport. Also noted for a pround incident that took place during the 1980s which involved the sighting of small evil looking figures that were dressed like ninjas and attacked children and their martial arts teachers.

■ The Gaerwen Gas.
An investigation into unusual balls of white light seen moving amongst gravestones in an onld 12th Century church in Anglesey. Reported by construction workers that were reconstructing the old church after many many year of neglect. The church is situated in the center of Marshland in Gaerwen and MAPIT quickly finds a rational explanation.

■ The Fadden Phantom.
An investigation into paranormal disturbances after a boy is followed down a street by a entity and physically attacked in his home. MAPIT investigators attend the home to conduct an overnight investigation in which some strange things take place and an unusual black apparition is seen in the kitchen and photographed. A profound case in which the family were forced to leave their home for good.

■ A Cottage Mystery.
An investigation carried out by joint organisations MAPIT and TOPRA - Tameside & Oldham Paranormal Research Association. This investigation had national interest and involved a family living in a three story cottage in Derbyshire who claimed to be having extreme paranormal incidents there. The family were taken to court by the former owners in hope of retrieving outstanding payment on the property. Read the full investigation by clicking on the appropriate page.

■ The Stocksbridge Bypass - A Critical Analysis.
An investigation carried out by joint organisations MAPIT and UPIA - The Unknown Phenomena Investigation Association. This investigation was innitially carried out over a period of ten years by investigators Kirst D'Raven and Steve Mera. In 2010, they came together to review the investigation and to compile an in depth and thorough report that may put the alleged paranormal incidents in the vicinity of the Stocksbridge Bypass to rest, once and for all.

■ A Winter Hill UFO? - Revised Edition.
In November of 1999, MAPIT conducted a large scale investigation in the area of Winter Hill, UK. Months of research and investigation unturned no information. In more recent times MAPIT was told that the case was in fact a hoax, perpetrated by those interested in the subject and knowledgable of investigation and research techniques. If this case was a hoax, then it still revealed some interesting finds. One thing is for sure. UFO sightings continue to be reported from that location.

■ Football Club Ghosts - Manchester City: Main Road.
A corporate investigation carried out in 1998 by MAPIT of alleged paranormal disturbances at Manchester City Football Club. Contracted by Fortean TV, MAPIT investigators visited the ground to conduct and investigation. Several interviews were carried out along with discovered details of an alleged curse.

■ The Plume & Feathers Public House Investigation.
MAPIT investigators travelled to Northamptonshire to conduct several overnight investigations at an alleged haunted public house. The unfortunate thing, is that we ran into an alleged psychic that was visiting the pub in hope of finding its spirits. (Excuse the pun!). Investigators were thrown into having conduct an investigation whilst the alleged psychic and her psychic battery friend were on the premises. It did not go too well, as you can imagine.

■ Sale Moor Spooks.
During March of 2002 I was contacted by Joe Morgan and his partner Jackie Hulse. Both claimed to have witnessed paranormal phenomena taking place in their small two bedroom house in Sale Moor, Manchester. We visited their home several times in hope of rationalising the said disturbances. However, it turned out that we ended having the family relocated to another home.

■Farleyway Fear.
In August of 1996 I was surprised to receive a letter from someone claiming to live in the very same property as a previous investigation had been carried out at. Was this a hoax or a strange coincidence playing its part? Surely this could not have been the same house. The letter was a detailed account in regards the witnessing of paranormal phenomena. The new resident (Simon Walker) had lived at the 4 bedroom council house for a number of years and had much to tell me. He recalled his first experience...

■Grocery Ghosts.
Its not often you think of paranormal disturbances whilst doing your weekly shopping an the local supermarket, but that's exactly what you might do if you were to do your shopping in Booths Supermarket in Knutsford, Cheshire. Large objects were found to have been moved around the store during the night, strange whistling sounds, unusual odours and the sighting of dark amourphous shapes and apparitions. MAPIT investigators look into the unusual disturbances...

■Alias Salt and Green.
It all started with a UFO sighting that took place in Old Trafford, Manchester, UK. The local radio station received a call during a talk show on the subject, from what was first thought, to be local students who claimed to have seen two strange triangular shaped structures in the sky over Lancashire County Cricket Club. However, MAPIT investigators quickly learned that the three students were in fact three on duty police officers. During the investigation, the police officers were visited by alleged MOD Officials calling themselves Smith and Green. The mystery continues.

■The Strange Being.
From the MAPIT Archieves: During 1977 an investigation was carried out in regards three children who claimed to have seen a strange being whilst out playing in fields near the back of a local school. Their description was stereotypical for the 1970's. An interesting investigation that unfortunately revealled little evidence.

■The Southampton Disappearance.
A number of years ago, MAPIT was contacted by a crime division police officer from the area of Southampton to see if we could assist with a rather unusual investigation. An investigation into a strange disappearance. The case had been shelved by the police after finding no explanation nor foul play. Sudden and spontaneous disappearances have been reported throughout the world, where the victims are there one minute and gone the next. This investigation was one of the most profound disappearances we had ever come across.


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