Haunted Public Houses in the UK?

Below is a small list of the most well known Public Houses in the UK which are said to have paranormal disturbances. MAPIT neither confirm nor deny that such location definately have such phenomena. There are a number of details below that talk of the said experiences at these locations compiled by investigators, researchers and authors of the subject...




The Grenadier public House in London’s Belgravia was once the favourite haunt of soldiers from the Duke of Wellington’s regiment. It is currently decorated with military paraphernalia, mostly from the old Imperial days, and is to be allegedly haunted by the ghost of one unfortunate grenadier. The story runs that he was playing cards with his fellows and was caught cheating. Outraged, they beat him up and threw him down the pub stairwell. The poor chap aparently died and is said to haunt the public house to this day...




If you like being jostled out of your seat by an unseen force or having your pocket picked you might enjoy a visit to the Golden Fleece public house in York. An alleged ghostly pickpocket and a phantom curmudgeon who sometimes gets upset whenever a customer sits in what used to be his favourite seat in the establishment are among the spectral regulars in this said to be haunted building But they’re not aparently alone. There are quite a few others, including a the sighting of a ghostly dog that tugs at punters’ trouser legs...




With its stone circles and ancient monuments of all kinds, Wiltshire has long been a centre of paranormal activity, ranging from ghost sightings to UFO reports. Some believe this relates to the large number of leys found in the county. The Red Lion pub in Avebury is said to lie at the intersection of two leys, and is actually located inside a stone circle. It is also well known for its spooky visitations - including the ghost of a woman called Florrie who was murdered by her soldier husband in the 17th century after he discovered that she had been unfaithful to him while he was away at war...




The Kings Arms in Monkton Farleigh has an alleged array of ghosts almost as extensive as its many tempting menu options. Among the highlights are a monk who reportedly died in the pub in mysterious circumstances; and a woman whose runaway carriage crashed into the building, killing her. There is also a mysterious key which was unearthed during recent building work on the site. Allegedly two ghosts appeared and warned the bar staff not to knock down the wall behind which the key was eventually found. The purpose of the key is still not known, but it hangs on the pub wall to this day...




The St. Anne’s Castle in Great Leighs, Essex boasts of being the oldest public house in England. However it seems that this cannot be confirmed vis historical reference. It’s also allegedly home to quite a few ghosts according to the teams of aparent ghost hunters who have set up on site investigations at the location. Most intriguing is that of a woman who was burned to death as a witch in the early 17th century. A spooky black cat has also been spotted and is presumed to be an apparition. Perhaps it’s the witch’s familiar...?




The Skirrid Inn close to Abergavenny is said to be the oldest public house in Wales. Again, this has yet to be confirmed via historic reference. It has a rather macabre history, having being used as a place of execution in the medieval period. Yes, you can quaff beer in the spot where criminals once swung from the rafters. And if you keep your eyes open, you may even spot one or two of them still hanging around, if you’ll excuse the pun. The public house is said to have a rich history of hauntings and has been pronounced the most haunted pub in Britain by numerous ghost hunters...




The Devil’s Stone Inn in Shebbear gets its eerie name from the mysterious giant boulder which sits at the centre of the town. No one knows where it came from and legend has it that it was dropped by the Devil himself as he was flying overhead. The Inn has a spooky reputation too, and is allegedly haunted by quite a number ghosts. Most of these seem to have a fairly pleasant disposition, according to the ghost hunters and  who have visited the premises, other than a single curmudgeon who was believed to be a rent collector in life...




The Ship Inn public house in Sandgate, Kent is said to be haunted by a spirit known as The Fish Lady. This fussy appaition, who has occasionally been seen dressed in Victorian-era clothes, has been known to pester customers she doesn’t care for. Customers have reported be prodded, pinched, pulled and pushed. It is believed she is a former owner of the building, but unfortunately there seems to be little historical evidence to support this. Unusual banging sounds and footsteps have also been heard sometimes accompanied by unusual odours. The building looks a little Tudor in its design...




The Seven Stars public house in Robertsbridge, Sussex has a history dating back to the Middle Ages according to historical documents. Charles II is even said to have been confined there for a time. Over the years, both customers and employees have reported quite a number of spooky experiences – phantom footsteps, shadowy apparitions, and dogs reacting to the presence of something unseen. The building itself does not look that old from the outside, however once you pass through the front door you are met with an impressionable old interior...




Marsden Grotto in South Shields has a spectacular location and a fascinating history. it is one of the oddest looking public houses seen by investigators of the paranormal. Actually located in a cliff-face overlooking the sea, the grotto was built, or rather blasted, by a character known as Jack the Blaster, who used explosive to carve a home for himself out of the raw stone. Thanks to Jack’s legendary hospitality, what was originally a private residence soon transformed into an inn which became a favourite with the local smugglers.

With such a shady history, you might expect a ghost or two to be hanging around, and you wouldn’t be disappointed. Psychics have claimed to detect a high level of paranormal activity in the building, and a television crew who filmed a documentary there started as sceptics but came away perturbed at the strange goings-on. The spirit of one unfortunate is believed to be that of a smuggler who informed on his fellows and was brutalised by them after being caught.

MAPIT Investigations.


The Grenadier Public House : Not visited nor investigated.

The Golden Fleece, York : Visited for 2 hours on September 21st 1997 - Nothing to report.

The Red Lion, Avebury : Visited for 3 hours on March 7th 1997 - Nothing to report.

The Kings Arms, Monkton Farleigh : Not visited nor investigated.

St. Anne’s Castle, Great Leighs : Not visited nor investigated.

The Skirrid Inn, Wales : Visited for 2 hours on May 12th 1999 - Dust Orbs Photographed.

                                           Visited for 3 hours on August 25th 2000 - Nothing to report.

Devil's Stone Inn, Devon : Not visited nor investigated.

The Ship Inn, Sandgate : Not visited nor investigated.

The Seven Stars, Robertsbridge : Not visited nor investigated.

Marsden Grotto, South Shields : Not visited nor investigated.




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