Haunted Hotels?

Below is a small list of the most well known Hotels in the UK which are said to have paranormal disturbances. MAPIT neither confirm nor deny that such location definately have such phenomena. There are a number of details below that talk of the said experiences at these locations compiled by investigators, researchers and authors of the subject...

Churston Court Inn, Devon. The hotel is 11th century and a Grade 1 listed Saxon manor, nestling beside an ancient church. It has an original staircases, stone windows, oak panelling and flagstone floors and inglenook fireplaces. There have been many alleged sightings of monks reported.


One who apparently haunts the kitchen, and others who walk through the passages and rooms. Candles have been known to go out and then relight of their own accord.


A double room costs from £85 per night.

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Ryde Castle Hotel, Ryde, Isle of Wight. The hotel is a majestic castle building overlooking Ryde Esplanade and the harbour, with views across the Solent, believed to have been commissioned by Henry VIII in 1540 to defend against the threat of a Spanish invasion. Paranormal investigations resulting from all the spooky goings on allegedly found numerous ghosts living there, including an old lady who is said to have died in her room, a man holding a knife and baring all his teeth and a girl of about 14 years of age who apparently likes to hang out by the stairs.


A double room costs from £69 per night.

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Airth Castle, Falkirk, Scotland. The hotel is a 14th century castle and stables set in 14 acres of wooded parkland and landscaped gardens, once owned by the family of Robert the Bruce. It is said to be haunted by... Not Robert the Bruce; but previous residents apparently refusing to sling their hook which include two children and their nanny who all allegedly died in a fire at the castle, a spectral dog that is felt trying to bite guests’ ankles and a maid who is said to have been attacked by an enraged master who screams in the night. Rooms No.3, No.9 and No.23 are said to be colder because of the alleged ghosts.


A double room costs from £120 per night.

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The Holt Hotel, Near Steepleaston, Oxfordshire. The hotel is a beautifully refurbished traditional coaching inn dating back to the 15th century, with accommodation varying from single rooms to four-poster bedrooms with a jacuzzi. It is said to be haunted by the ghost of legendary highwayman Claude du Vall, who often spent his ill-gotten gains from the road at the inn before he was executed in 1670. Guests have often heard heavy footsteps walk the corridors and rooms of the hotel, while female guests have regularly reported the feeling of being watched, mainly in Room No.3.


Double room from £59 per night.

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Kilkea Castle Hotel, Ireland. The hotel is a 12th century castle – one of the oldest in Ireland, turned luxury hotel with an impressive leisure centre and 18-hole golf course. It is rumoured that a previous resident Earl Gerald haunts the building, but apparently not all the time. He allegedly rises from the grave every seven years to rid Ireland of its enemies. So if you’re going to be an enemy to Ireland, careful how you time it. There’s also the young guy who was killed after being caught in the bedroom of the owner's daughter and still walks the halls looking for his former girlfriend.


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Brownsover Hall, Rugby, Warwickshire. The hotel is a Grade II listed Victorian Gothic mansion set in seven acres of woodland and garden, with a dramatic interior featuring a sweeping staircase and crackling log fires.


It is said to be haunted by 'one-handed Boughton'. The manor of Brownsover was owned from 1471 by the Boughton family and one family member, was known as ‘one-handed Boughton’ because his hand had been severed. He used to drive around the estate in his coach. According to many sightings, he still does.


A double room costs from £91 per night.

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Hamlets Hotel, Maidstone, Kent. The hotel is a comfortable and relaxed location (unless you’re scared of ghosts). This inn-style hotel is an 1890s historic building. It is said to be haunted by the ghost of Charlotte - apparently she was a servant girl who died after a botched abortion when the building was a manor house in the 18th century. She allegedly caused so much disturbance in the mid-80s that the manager called in a clairvoyant, who apparently discovered that Charlotte was one of many ghosts in the building. It turns out there used to be a gallows situated on the site.


A double room costs from £53 per night.

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Hazlewood Castle Hotel. The hotel is set in 77 acres of parkland and historic landscaped grounds, Hazlewood is a former monastery, reopened in 1997 after an extensive restoration to turn it into a luxury hotel.

Is is said to be haunted by a habited monk and is apparently seen to come from the exit from St. Margaret’s courtyard, and disappears into the yew tree. A priest has also been allegedly seen and is believed to walk from the direction of the Great Hall into the Library and disappear. It has been found that priests used to walk from the Great Hall to the tower to go down into the cloisters.


Double room from £145 per night.

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The Kirkstone Inn is almost 1,500 ft, the Kirkstone Inn in Cumbria is the third highest pub in England. It offers spectacular views of the Lake District that was immortalised by William Wordsworth. But that’s not all. It’s allegedly haunted too! Dating back to the 15th century, the inn has had plenty of time to pick up some ghosts and quite a few have been spotted in and around it. Some are believed to be the spirits of travellers who died while making a perilous journey through the mountain terrain. One ghost is believed to be that of a woman who murdered her own child. Another, that of a 17th century coachman.


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Chequers Inn. This small but pleasantly well-preserved inn in Smarden, Kent, which has a history dating back to the 14th century, features its very own haunted room inhabited by the alleged ghost of a soldier from the Napoleonic wars. On his return from campaigning, she plied him with drink, seduced him, and, once she had him abed and asleep, tried to rob him. He woke up mid-robbery, however, and, in the ensuing struggle, the unscrupulous female managed to inflict a fatal knife-wound on the unfortunate lad. His aggrieved ghost is said to make an appearance periodically.


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MAPIT Details.


Churchston Court Inn - Not Visited.   Ryde Castle Hotel - Not Visited.   Airth Castle - Not Visited.

The Holt Hotel - Not Visited.   Kilkea Castle - Not Visited.   Brownsover Hall - Not Visited.

Hamlets Hotel - Not Visited.   Hazelwood Castle - Visited on February 1993 - Tour Only.

The Kilstone Inn - Visited March 1996 - Tour Only - Dust Orbs Photographed.    Chequers Inn - Not Visited.