Haunted Castles?

Below is a small list of the most well known castles of the British Isles which are said to have paranormal disturbances. MAPIT neither confirm nor deny that such location definately have such phenomena. There are a number of details below that talk of the said experiences at these locations compiled by investigators, researchers and authors of the subject...

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Chillingham Castle is widely regarded as one of, if not the, most haunted places in the UK. Dating back over 800 years this castle was built for one purpose and one purpose alone, killing. In the heart of Northumberland the castle was the first line of defence, preventing the Scots getting over the border to invade England back in the days of William Wallace when the castle was ruled over by King Edward I (Edward Long shanks). It has a truly amazing, yet horrific history and that's why it is said to be one of the most haunted places on Earth...

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Muncaster Castle in Cumbria is said to be haunted by the ghost of a mysterious White Lady as well as by Tom Fool, a jester who worked in the castle around 400 years ago and allegedly likes to play tricks on visitors. Parties of 6-8 people can arrange for an all-night ghost sit in the Tapestry Room, said to be the castle’s most haunted spot. Scientists and paranormal researchers conduct field experiments here. The Castle is privately owned and overlooks the Esk river, about a mile south of the west coast town of Ravenglass in Cumbria, UK.

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Glamis Castle is regarded as one of the most haunted castles in Scotland. It certainly has more ghost stories and legends attached to it than any other castle within the British Isles. The Castle is located in near the village of Glamis, 5 miles west of Forfar, Scotland. The main keep of the castle dates from the 14th century, and the majestic towers and turrets were added in later years. Some believe the reason for all the paranormal activity at the castle is down to a "secret room" within the castle that contains a terrible secret.


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Edinburgh Castle is another very well known location in Scotland which is thought to be haunted. Edinburgh Castle sits on top of Castle Rock, an extinct volcano and has been a fortification for over 2,000 years. The castle is protected to the north, south and west by sheer cliffs rising 400 feet above sea level. Access to the castle is by a steep road on the eastern side. The castle from its high position dominates views of the city below. It has a hidden underworld to which the castle is strongly connected and is also said to be haunted.

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Dover Castle is situated at the shortest sea crossing of the English Channel. This has made it one of the most important defensive sites in Britain. There has been a castle at Dover since Anglo Saxon times. The castle was strengthened by William of Normandy, who built the first earthwork castle in 1066 before moving on to London. It is said that there are several ghostly figures throught the castle. Some said to be handsome male figures dressed in early 17th century cloaks and cavalier style clothing.

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Leap Castle is an Irish castle in County Offaly, it was built in 800 Ad by the O'Bannon family and was originally called "Leim Bhanain," or "Leap of the O'Bannons." The O'Bannons were the "secondary chieftains" of the territory, and were subject to the ruling O'Carroll clan. Leap Castle is thought to have at least 20 different ghosts, one of which  is said to be a priest that has seen in and around the chapel area, his ghost has also allegedly been seen by a visitor on the stairs just outside the chapel.

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Windsor Castle is without doubt one of the most spectacular castles in Britain, if not the world. It has been a Royal residence since the reign of William I in the 11th century. In the 13th century the castle was rebuilt by Edward III, and further improvements have been made by successive monarchs. The castle is almost one mile in circumference and is the largest in Britain. Since it was built, the Castle has been embroiled in legends of suicide, witchcraft and demonic ghosts. The list of ghostly sightings reported at the Castle is huge.

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Lancaster Castle is an imposing building that occupies a city centre hilltop location on the site of three successive Roman forts. It consists of an extensive group of historic structures, including the 12th century Keep, the 14th century Witches' Tower, the 15th century Gatehouse, and the Female Penitentiary, which dates from the early years of the 19th century. Lancaster Castle has recently opened up its door to paranormal groups and ghost hunters, to find evidence of it's resident ghosts. The castle is said to have several ghosts.

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Warwick Castle stands in the City of Warwick overlooking the broad Avon River. Though there had been communities at Warwick for countless centuries, the castle began construction in the tenth century. The original architect was said to be Ethelfleda, the brilliant military daughter of Alfred the Great. A slavering black dog was said to haunt the grounds of Warwick Castle.  Over the last ten years accounts of ghost reports have begun to be catalogued. Warwick Castle is a huge building steaped in talk of curses and demonic activity.

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Pembroke Castle was built in 1071 by Roger Montgomery, the cousin of William The Conquerer, a British castle which withstood two attacks by the Welsh first in 1094 and again in 1096 before Henry Ist seized it in 1102 to claim as his own. Beneath the castle is the Wogans Cavern and is accessible still today via a stairwell, it was once a shelter for Cave Dwellers during the stone age. Several parts of the castle cannot be entered during investigations, one of which was Henry VII room, which is said to be the most active.

MAPIT Investigations.


Chillingham Castle : Visited  August 23rd 1997. Two investigators reported seeing shadows.


Muncaster Castle :  Visited  April 12th 1997. Tour but no investigation. Dust Orbs were photographed.


Glamis Castle : Visited March 14th 1998. Tour but no investigation. Nothing to report.

                         Visited September 4th 1999. 4 Hour investigation. Nothing to report.


Edinburgh Castle : Not attended tour nor investigation.


Dover Castle : Not attended tour nor investigated.


Leap Castle : Visited October 16th 1999 with Ghosthunters TV. Nothing to report.


Windsor Casle : Not attended tour nor investigation.


Lancaster Casle : Visited July 6th 2002. Attended tour and 3 hour investigation. Nothing to report.


Warwick Castle : Not attended tour nor investigation.


Pembrook Castle : Visited October 3rd 1998. Attended tour and 2 hour investigation. Nothing to report.

                               Visited  May 20th 2000. 6 hour investigation carried out. 1 unusual sound & dust orbs.


There are many other castles throughout the British Isles which may warrant an investigation. Even though there are many stories of paranormal phenomena taking place at such locations, MAPIT did not obtain significant evidence to support such stories at any of the locations we visited or investigated.........