World Famous Cases

Throughout the world there are numerous well documented investigations. Such cases often appear in newspaper, books, articles and of course TV Shows and Blockbuster Movies.


A list of World Famous Cases can be found below and will look at these cases in more detail...



■ The Jackie Hernandez Case.

■ The Enfield Poltergeist Case.

■ The Exorcist Case.

■ The Emily Rose Case.

■ The Amityville Case.

■ The Connecticut Haunting.

■ The Bell Witch Haunting.

■ The George Adamski Case.

■ The Billy Meier Case.

■ The Entity Case.

■ Borley Rectory & Borley Church.

■ The Rendlesham Forest Incident.

■ The Betty Cash & Vicky Landrum UFO Incident.

■ The Roswell Incident.

■ The Kecksberg UFO Crash.

■ The Ruwa UFO Incident.

■ The Aurora Texas UFO Case.

■ The Captain Mantell UFO Incident.

■ The Mothman Prophecies.

■ The Smurl Investigation.

■ The Ilkley Moor Case.

■ The Cumberland Spaceman.

■ The Betty & Barney Hill Abduction.

■ The Travis Walton Case.

■ The Hopkinsville Incident.

■ The Shag Harbour UFO Case.

■ The Belgium UFO Wave.

■ The Livingston UFO Incident.

■ The Falcon Lake UFO Incident.

■ The Roger Patterson Bigfoot Film.

■ The Whitley Strieber UFO Incident.

■ The Scotland A70 UFO Abduction.

■ The Phoenix Lights Incident.

■ The Allagash UFO Abductions.

■ Skinwalker Ranch.

■ The Cottingley Faries.

■ The Westall UFO Encounter.

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