The Fadden Phantom.

During June of 2004 I was contacted by a Mr. Fadden, a welder from Bury who informed me that he  was having some sort of problem in his house. His family had moved into their three bedroom house only eight months back and since, strange sounds could be heard during the night, objects would disappear and then later turn up in odd places, and his son Michael aged 19 believed he was having bedroom visitations. I listened to  his story and became intrigued. After we had conversed  for sometime I arranged to meet with himself and his family at their home the following week.


Myself and another investigator, Sarah Walker, met with  the family at their home. Mr. Fadden had been married for 28 years and had one son, Michael, who was a student and living at home with his parents. The family also had two pet dogs, Max and Ben, two brown Staffordshire bull terriers. Mr. Fadden was a well built guy, around 6.5 feet in height and had been a steel welder for around 16 years. The family had lived in Middleton before moving to a larger house in Bury about eight months ago, and all seemed as normal until a couple of months after moving in. Mr. Fadden told me that he had experienced something that had troubled him ever  since.


"My son Michael went out to walk the dogs around the near by reservoir and when he returned I was shocked to see the state he was in. He was as white as a ghost (excuse the pun)  and shaking all over, he looked terrible. I asked him what was the matter? I thought he had seen a dead body whilst he was out or something. He eventually told me that he was walking towards the estate and something caught his eye behind him, he quickly turned to see something very unusual. He could only describe it as a large moving black mass which was following him and then it lifted and travelled towards a neighbours house, passing through several brick walls on its way. Mr. Forshawe, a neighbour, witnessed the same  thing. It eventually reached the neighbours house and disappeared through the wall. I couldn't believe it. My son is usually scared of nothing; I have never seen him like that before. I went outside for a look around and chatted with Mr. Forshawe about what he had seen. I  couldn't see anything unusual, however Mr. Forshawe did back up my son's story".


"A few days later my son said he was going to his friends and that he would not be home till late. Anyway we went to bed leaving the landing light on. We both fell asleep fairly quickly. Then suddenly we woke to the terrible sound of our son downstairs. It sounded as he was crying out and fighting with someone. We rushed downstairs to the lounge where Michael was sprawled out on the floor in tears. 'What the hell is going on' I said. We got Michael up, but he was struggling to catch his breath. As Gill, (Mrs. Fadden) was making him a drink, Michael tried to explain to me what had happened. He had come in around 1.10am and had made himself some cheese on toast. As he settled down to his snack, he had leaned forward to grab the TV remote when suddenly something seemed to grab him from behind".


"He felt as if something had literally jumped on his back and was grabbing him around the throat. As he panicked and struggled to get this thing off him, he felt as if he had got an electric shock. Michael ended up on the floor kicking and shouting out, but the more he struggled the more the electric shocks seemed to continue. Then when I had shouted out Michael's name from the top of the stairs, whatever it was, let go of him. It took forever to calm Michael down, and we pretty much ended up staying up for the duration of the night. Michael was so upset he said that he was going to move out and live with his friend. We didn't know what to do".


"On another occasion, My wife asked me to go to the chippy for tea, so I reached out to grab my van keys off the telephone table and they were gone. We looked high and low but could not find them anywhere". "I always put the keys on the small table beside the phone, but there was no sign of them. I ended up ringing into work to tell them that I had lost the keys to the van. They were not pleased to say the least". The following morning as I was putting my coat on I decided to have one more check of my pockets, but... no, nothing was in them. I heard my friend beep his horn outside, as I made my way to the door, I had one last a fleeting glance down at the telephone table. I could not believe it, there were the keys, just sat there exactly as I had left them the night before. We had all checked the table several times and the keys were definitely not there. Amazed at the find I just grabbed them and made my way out the door".


At this point I asked Mrs. Adams (Gill) if she had witnessed  any activity in the property herself.


"I have had unusual things happen in the house when Alan's out at work... Sometimes the dogs seem to be looking at something that I can't see and they often act a little strange upstairs. I've seen a dark shape move around and heard footsteps twice coming from upstairs when I'm the only one in and also felt a cold breeze in the lounge and on the staircase several times, but the most common thing is that items always seem to disappear and turn up in odd places. Sometimes I just put it down to me being tired. A few weeks ago I had come in from shopping and was unpacking the bags in the kitchen. I had purchased a bottle of aftershave for Michael’s birthday, but as I unpacked I quickly realised that it wasn't in any of the bags. I was sure I had purchased it so I hunted out the receipt which was in one of the discarded bags on the floor. Just as I thought; there it was on the receipt along with toothpaste, soap and other bathroom materials. I quickly checked again. I had everything but the aftershave. I presumed it must have somehow fallen out of my bag whilst on the bus and thought nothing more to it".


"That is until Michael's birthday. I had got up earlier than normal to make Michael a nice breakfast before he set off to college. Alan had already left for work a good hour before. Michael came down and was sat having breakfast whilst I filled the kitchen sink bowl with hot water. Then all of a sudden we heard an almighty crash. I remember seeing Michael jump in fear. He had not been the same since that terrible night he was attacked. Michael just stared at me and said 'No way am I going up there'. I knew I had to at some stage so I grabbed Alan's umbrella and headed up the stairs".


"I pushed open the bedroom door and looked in. Nothing seemed to be out of place, so I headed into the bathroom; and that was when I saw it. The missing bottle of aftershave I had purchased was in the bath. It had been unwrapped and the box was lying next to the bottle. I couldn't believe it. It was still around and now playing tricks. I quickly grabbed the bottle and put it back in its case and dropped it into my dressing gown pocket. When I got back downstairs I told Michael that I had left my window open and that the morning breeze had blown the net curtain and knocked my small vase off my window ledge. I didn't want Michael to know what had happened. He had already been on the verge of moving out. After he left for college I wrapped the aftershave up and gave it him when he got back in. I told Alan when he got home which seemed to un-nerve him yet again".


"I have also seen that dark mass at least 4 times now. The last time I saw it was when I was coming in from the Post Office last Wednesday. As I came up the path I saw something move in the lounge. I just froze, thinking we may have had a burglar. Both Alan and Michael had both gone out early that morning and were not due back until tea-time. As I stepped closer to the window, I saw a 3 to 4 foot tall dark mass slowly moving from beside the TV and out of the lounge door. No way was I going back in that house alone. I ended up at my mums. When I got there I just broke down, I didn't know what to do. My mum wouldn't even come back with me. I ended up waiting for Alan to finish work. I telephoned Alan and told him what had happened. He later picked me up at my mum's house".


"When we reached home, Alan went in first to check around. A minute or so later he came to the front door and waved me in. Nothing was out of place but we both remember an odd smell lingering around the staircase. It smelt like rotten fish. I ended up leaving two automatic air-freshners in the hallway. That night we were plagued by lights flickering. Alan had gone to the front door to look at the lights coming from our neighbours house, but only ours seemed to flicker. By morning the smell had gone and the lights were working as normal".


Mrs. Fadden was asked if she had any substations, generators or electrical pylons in the area.


"Yes, we do have pylons, but not close, they have never seemed to have been a problem".


During June of 2004 I was contacted by a Mr. Fadden, a welder from Bury who informed me that he  was having some sort of problem in his house. His family had moved into their three bedroom house only eight months back and since, strange sounds could be heard during the night, objects would disappear and then later turn up in odd places, and his son Michael aged 19 believed he was having bedroom visitations. I listened to  his story and became intrigued. After we had conversed  for sometime I arranged to meet with himself and his family at their home the following week.

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My first impressions was that both Mr. and Mrs. Fadden were telling me the truth. I could clearly see that they were scared and their dark bags under their eyes indicated that they were having sleepless nights. Several times during the interview Mrs. Fadden became very upset as if she was re-living her experiences. I would even go as far to say hysterical at times. Questions in regards medical history can be a sensitive area, a series of  questions were asked during an interview break. The answers were satisfactory and I carried on…


(The photograph to the left is of the Fadden's home in Bury. The house next door was where the dark mass was seen to enter. Mr. Forshawe lives opposite the Fadden's home).


Mrs. Fadden had also tried to gain knowledge of the subject  and ended up convincing herself that she and her family had been the receiver of some sort of alien interaction. This was brought about by reading UFO literature. Her beliefs are  somewhat limited, along with her husbands. I remember Mrs. Fadden stating:

"I believe there might be something out there that we don't understand but I'm not too sure."


Mrs. Fadden was clearly still very uneasy talking about their experiences and suffers from thoughts of an awaiting attack from this unknown violator to the household. Some of the questions I asked were specifically designed to find a rational explanation. Their answers seemed to rule out Temporal Lobe  Epilepsy (T.L.E), drug induced hallucinations and other theories relating to electricity and electromagnetic effects on  the brain. Mrs. Fadden was obviously suffering from Post Traumatic Stress (P.T.S.) which leads me to believe that her experiences were real. Apart from the emotional breakdowns during the interview Mrs. Fadden gave us a very clear picture of the incidents and she did not attempt to exaggerate her  story.


Also, Michael had explained that he had seen a strange dark mass following him when walking the dogs and that he had a terrifying experience in his lounge which consisted of being subjected to electric shocks and also the feeling of pressure upon his back and throat. Even though there may be incidents that suggest the activity may be poltergeist related, there are certain details that don't quite fit. The only time I had heard of such incidents taking place are those cases sometimes referred to as Diabolical Hauntings. These type of incidents are often thought to be extremely severe and can often result in injury or illness. Some would even go as far as to state that such phenomena is demonic in nature and that church assistance must be obtained. I have only come across a handful of cases like this in my time as an investigator and it seems that obtaining church assistance was not a bad idea…


The investigation and research of Demonology is very similar to investigating general paranormal disturbances such as poltergeist infestations and hauntings. In fact Demonology can actually incorporate such paranormal disturbances; making it sometimes initially difficult to categorise. Investigators can find themselves investigating a case with all such aspects of both Demonology and Paranormal Phenomena. Like I mentioned above, differentiating such disturbances can be difficult however there are certain characteristics to demonic or negative hauntings. Most hauntings or paranormal disturbances be it poltergeist infestations or classic hauntings etc are usually referenced to as Positive or Neutral in nature. Positive hauntings for example are not so common. For instance the owners of a haunted house have no problem with the activity taking place, in fact the so called ‘spirit’ (if that’s what it is) can actually be playful and helpful at times. Most common are those referred to as neutral hauntings, those disturbances that can be passive at times and also be annoying, scary and upsetting.


Finally we come to the negative hauntings where apparitions are commonly seen as dark amorphous shapes, even ugly gargoyle creatures are said to have been seen. Horrific disturbances such as being physically attacked and injured. Horrific odours such as the smell of rotten meat or flesh. Strange audible disturbances such as screams, crying, and animal noises. Manifestations of blood and dirt has at times also been reported. Such negative hauntings can incorporate poltergeist type experiences such as being sexually attacked similar if not identical to Succubus or Incubus activity. Such negative spirits are often referred to as demons, entities or fallen angels; and as previously mentioned, negative hauntings are also referred to as (Diabolical Hauntings).


It is often said that there is nothing more physically, emotionally, spiritually or psychologically dangerous then encountering something so evil or terrifying. Investigating this form of paranormal, supernatural or preternatural phenomenon is not for the faint hearted. The most productive investigators would more than likely be religious to some degree and / or have a good knowledge of the Catholic faith as statistics show that families that are devout Catholics seem to be persecuted the most. Some would suggest that it is their faith that is being tested…


I am not sure if there is enough evidence to state this as a fact, however it is true to say most diabolical incidents do involve many devout Catholics, such as the Carlotta Moran case, better known from the book and movie ‘The Entity’. Also the Smurl family case, better known for the TV movie, ‘The Haunted’. Investigators can usually expect a more interactive, extreme and profound phenomena when investigating preternatural activity. Preternatural or ‘Praeternatural’ is that which appears outside or beyond the natural. While this may include what is more commonly called the supernatural, it may also simply indicate extremity - an ordinary phenomenon taken 'beyond' the natural. The Supernatural refers to forces and phenomena which are beyond ordinary scientific measurement. Concepts in the supernatural domain are closely related to concepts in religious spirituality, metaphysics and Schizotypy. Terminology can be rather difficult to understand and often cause disambiguation.


Almost everyone now recognises the word ’Ghost’, which is said to be a spirit of a person that once lived, regardless of how many years ago that may have been. The term Ghost actually means a human spirit that is not recognised by its viewer / viewers. An ’Apparition’ is the term given to a human spirit that is recognised by the viewer / viewers. I know… We as investigators, researchers and authors of this subject often make this mistake in terminology. The word ’Apparition’ is nowerdays given to all manifestations be it a human spirit we recognise or not. Also, they don’t even have to look human to be given the classification ‘Apparition’. They can be referred to as amorphous or smoky apparitions.


Many believe that a human spirit can remain earthbound because they refuse to believe they are dead, or they choose to remain for one reason or another, be it strong ties to family or loved ones, attracted to certain places, important matters or possessions, or unfinished business etc. Many believe that they can sense ghosts or sense the emotion in an environment. This can be described as an oppressive atmosphere. Often said to feel ‘Heavy‘. It is also thought that ghosts are pretty much aware of ourselves as well. This would obviously only apply to interactive phenomena, which inevitable are commonly reported during such household disturbances. 


Apparently ghosts don’t just come out at night, they can cause an equal amount of activity during the sunniest of days. However, ghostly phenomena tends to be recognised and more prominent during the night. This could simply be that the people in that environment are more conscious of disturbances during the quieter part of the day. They may be too busy during the day to even notice or could simply be out at work. We do tend to be more aware during the evening to household sounds, I’m sure you’ll agree. In fact, psychologically speaking the brain certainly acts differently at night and there may be some factor that comes into play that increases certain senses.


There are many theories as to how a ghost might manifest, one of the most popular is that they can draw from their environment, such as electricity, batteries, even people. An interesting point to mention is that there are numerous reported incidents that involve the witnesses receiving huge electricity bills. In some cases, so high that the amount of electricity could not have been used in the given time. Of course, you can well imagine this predicament when trying to explain this to the electricity supplier. There are reports of high bills on a regular basis throughout many hauntings. Drawing energy from batteries is another theory. New heavy duty batteries can suddenly and inexplicable drain without usage. On the odd occasion they can even burst and / or leak which can leave nasty burn marks. Finally there is the theory of drawing of energy from people. Similar I suppose to poltergeist infestations. It is thought that the phenomena can somehow adversely affect an individual, drawing on their energy could possibly leave them feeling lethargic or run down. Such witnesses often report a lack of motivation, appetite, concentration or sleep.


Temperature drops or ‘Cold Spots’ are also a popular finding amongst investigations. Is it generally thought that the drop is due to the draining of energy from both the atmosphere and the people in the vicinity. There are also reports of warm areas as well, and of course, some believe this is the dispersion of the activity, i.e. the energy being placed back in the environment. I have come across cold spots a number of times but never has it been cold enough to see my breath. Hollywood films would have us believe that cold spots are common and the investigators tend to see their breath; when in fact the truth is that most cold spots are picked up via electronic equipment such as temperature alert devices and thermal guns, but there is always the possibility that such equipment is not working correctly, thus giving you false readings. Take into consideration that things may not be as they seem. There are plenty of rational explanations for these sudden temperature fluctuations, such as drafts and temperature reading equipment going haywire. We should all be aware that any electronic equipment can fault, and more so in an environment declared to be haunted. Strong EMF spikes can also cause equipment to fault, just as infra-sound can cause us to feel uneasy, ill or anxious.


As for so called in-human spirits. There are a lot of theories and speculation, often driven by personal belief. Some would suggest that such in-human spirits are thought to have never ‘lived’ and are considered evil in nature. These are often referred to as Demons, hence the terms Demonic Activity and Diabolical Hauntings. It is said that they have the capabilities to encourage or force negative or evil human spirits to do their bidding. Their purpose being one thing… to destroy those in the environment, usually an entire family and occasionally focused on an individual by methods of tormenting the living or / and keeping a human spirit from passing over. It’s generally thought that a demonic spirit will not manifest during the day, they tend to prefer darkness so they can carry out their harassment of anything / anyone associated with God. It is presumed that the more religious the individual or family the greater the victory is. Demons apparently have no morals, they will attack the weak, ignorant or young, simply because they are more defenceless and on most occasions it is their goal to eventually possess a living person. The reason for this is not known, however, some researchers believe that such demons are jealous of humans and their capabilities to live. Again, a load of speculation... But I'm sure such disturbances do take place...


As to what is responsible depends on who you ask. I try not to follow the stereotypical approach, but would much rather simply state what I can prove to have happened as well as document testimonies from those who claim to have had such experiences.


There is a wealth of information that would suggest demonic activity is somehow connected with alleged possessions. It is often wrote that such possessions do not just happen over night and that demons usually wear their victims down, causing sleep deprivation, a lack of appetite or even illness. Demonic activity or negative spirits are usually invoked such as messing about with Ouija boards or Black Magic, however there is the possibility that an evil act had once taken place in the environment, usually considered as a ‘Sin’. However, there are some cases that do not seem to follow the normal pattern. Occasionally there can be an eruption of such activity without finding a cause or invocation. This does not mean there wasn’t one, just that one wasn’t found. Demonic activity first starts with provoking fear, which you can imagine is probably easy. By doing this the victims can throw off negative energy, which the activity feeds on, similar to how poltergeists work. If you can catch this early enough, investigators may be able to conduct the ‘Starving The Phenomena’ program. This is a technique that I stumbled upon during an investigation of poltergeist type  incidents back in 1998. The idea is to educate the witnesses in hope of decreasing their stress level. This can sometimes be done by explaining that such disturbances are usually short lived and that it is rare for anyone to get injured. The witnesses would also be told of how poltergeist activity seems to work. In most cases a single paranormal event is often experienced or seen which in turn upsets the witnesses causing stress and emotion. It is this type of negative emotion which is thought to power the phenomena. The more energy, the more phenomena will be experienced. A vicious cycle you could say. However, like previously mentioned, educating the witnesses can help drop stress and emotion levels, thus causing a directly proportional reaction and decreasing paranormal activity. Once the witnesses see that this is the case, it reinforces their beliefs even further and in some cases witnesses gain control and rid their homes of the phenomena.


So what of the Fadden's experiences. A dark mass that is responsible for attacking Michael, creating terrible odours, moving things around, playing tricks and keeping the family awake at night. Sounds like a diabolical haunting doesn't it? Well... lets not jump the gun. I'm only prepared to state at this time, some type of paranormal phenomena was taking place.


October 8th 2004. I visited the Fadden's house with fellow investigators Sue Walker and Peter Owens to set up equipment and conduct further interviews. Mr and Mrs. Fadden had been keeping a record of events. It had been a few weeks since I had talked with the family and was eager to find out if any other incidents had taken place. I pulled up outside their home and immediately realised that news of us attending had spread around the local neighbourhood. Mr. Forshawe was out and standing by his gate. As I got out of the car, he called me over. "Are you the ghost guys?" he said. I replied Yes! (holding back a giggle). "Well I saw that thing as well, it was about the size of a child and it was following their young lad home. When he saw it, it shot off over their (pointing towards the house next door to the Fadden's). "It went right through the wall and disappeared. Never seen anything like it in 63 years, and never want to again".  I was pleased that we had independent witnesses to an event which would have been difficult to believe otherwise. I asked Mr. Forshawe if he would be happy to complete one of our report forms so to have his testimony on file. He agreed to fill it in and pop it over to us later that day. We walked up the pathway to the Fadden's front door where Michael was waiting for us. 'Come In, Mum and Dad are in the kitchen' he said. We sat around the small kitchen table sipping hot coffee as Mr. and Mrs. Fadden told us of what had been going on. Mrs. Fadden was first to talk.


'Last Thursday was the worst! I had come in from getting the washing off the line and the telephone rang. It was my mum, just checking up on how things had been. I was just telling her that it had not been too bad recently when I heard a growl coming from the lounge'.  I didn't think that much of it. Just thought it was one of the dogs playing up. I walked into the lounge whilst still on the phone with my mum, and when I got in there I realised that the dogs were out the back. None of the dogs were inside.  I told my mum on the phone to hang on a second whilst I checked to see if the dogs were still out there, and as I turned to come out of the lounge I heard a deep loud growl come from behind me. Well... I just freaked. I dropped the phone and the back plate where you put the batteries in, flew off. I rushed into the kitchen and out of the back door. I stood their not knowing what to do for a good few minutes. I first sent the dogs in which didn't seem to bother them. I saw this as a good sign and followed. I managed to get the phone back together and working and then rang my mum back. She had being trying to get through but it was engaged. I ended up locking up and going round to my mums. That growl scared me to death. I think whatever it is, it's playing games with us'...


I asked the family if they had heard this growling noise before. Mr. Fadden shook his head as if to suggest no, but Michael said 'Yes'. 'I've heard it a few times at night but thought at first it was the dogs, but I heard it once when the dogs were out'.  Mr. Fadden was in the back garden yesterday securing the back fence to make sure the dogs couldn't get out. When he noticed his bedroom curtains moving backwards and forwards as if being drawn and then opened, but at the same time he could see Mrs. Fadden in the kitchen. He went in and asked if Michael was back from college, but he had not yet returned. On investigation he could clearly see that the curtains had been moved and that two of the curtain hooks had come off the rail. Below is a photograph of the Fadden's back garden taken from the main bedroom. Items were still being moved and later found in odd places. Several important letters had gone a miss and when Michael's front door key and bus pass disappeared last Tuesday Mr. Fadden became outraged and ended up telephoning a local church and taking with a vicar. He had explained what had been going on and wanted rid of this menace. Mrs. Fadden was surprised, she didn't know how much all this was really affecting her husband. ‘Normally he's the quiet and sensible type that normally finds a rational explanation for things’; she said. In fact, Mrs. Fadden thought that her husband didn't believe in religion and all that... She was rather taken back at his sudden approach. She went on to say 'He'd obviously had enough and was now taking it into his own hands to sort something out'.


Mr. Fadden's conversation lasted sometime and ended up with an agreement that the vicar would get back in contact with him...


Investigator Sue Walker had been next door to have a word with them. Even though they were aware of what the Fadden's were going through, they had not experienced anything unusual. Michael had told the family next door about the dark mass and that it had been seen going into their wall. In fact, the family were considerably worried. They were rather scared at the thought of experiencing anything paranormal. Sue sat back down at the table grasping a freshly filled report form. Mr. Forshawe had passed it to her whilst leaving next doors.


The night was slowly drawing in and it was decided that we start to set up our equipment. Michael was going out for the night. The dogs were at Mrs. Fadden's mothers. We had placed an audible recorder on the landing, a video camera at the bottom of the stairs and another video camera in the lounge. A number of meter sweeps were taken throughout the property. Such sweeps are often referred to as baseline tests. Temperature was a normal 18 degrees, with a slight drop to 17 degrees in the bathroom. EMF measured no unusual spikes. An average 6mg was found to be emitting from the electrical consumer unit. This was normal. I had been in some properties that had excessive EMF through bad wiring which measured 20-25mg, which could over a period of time adversely affect those in the environment. Thus causing headaches, the feeling of anticipation and even sickness. Ion air counter measured normal as well as the digital magnometer. In fact, the environment was normal in every way.


(The photograph above is a reconstruction of an event, when Mrs. Fadden discovered her son's aftershave bottle in the bath).


By 11.00pm myself and investigator Peter Owens had finished setting up all the equipment. Temperature alert devices were set up on the staircase and in the lounge. An Infra red motion detector was left next to the video camera in the hallway. Michael had left for the night earlier and now Mr. and Mrs Fadden had just retired for the evening. Sue was reading through the report forms and making notes in the kitchen when we joined her. We sat quietly listening out for any unusual sounds...


1.45am. Further baseline tests were carried out once again. Temperature now 15 degrees as normal. EMF and other checks were all normal. Lounge video tape was changed in the camera.

Everything seemed to be fine.. that is until 3.05am.


I was sat in the kitchen with Peter and Sue when we heard movement. At first just a couple of thuds what sounded like footsteps.


We listened more closely. Then another and another. We then heard a bedroom door open and shut, then two more thuds then nothing. Quietness befell the house once again. The footsteps had started directly above the kitchen in Mr. and Mrs. Fadden's bedroom and ended in the upstairs hallway. We grabbed our cameras and rushed up the stairs as quietly as possible. Thinking one of the Fadden's had got up to visit the bathroom, we expected bumping into one of them;... but no!


There was no one there. All doors were shut, just how we had left them and the Fadden's were clearly asleep in their bed. The upstairs audio recorder had picked up the clear sound of footsteps, a door opening and closing, more footsteps and then an unusual sound. Something that sounded like a muffled moan. Whatever it was the audio recorder that was situated on the floor outside the bathroom door picked it up loud and clear. We were just rewinding the audio tape again to have a second listen when the infra red  motion detector went off. Looking downstairs you could clearly see the motion detector facing the lounge. We rushed down to find nothing. There was no reason why the detector went off. A new tape was placed in the audio recorder and placed back on the upstairs landing along with the video camera from the bottom of the stairs.


4.22am. Sue had gone into the kitchen to make coffee (a necessary ingredient for most paranormal investigators). Peter and myself were conducting our final baseline tests with the equipment, again looking for unusual EMF spikes, odd temperature changes, geomagnetic anomalies etc. I had just picked up the magnetometer from the equipment bag when we heard Sue shout out 'Oh My God'! We ran into the kitchen to find Sue stood beside the fridge looking up at the ceiling. Sue claimed to have seen a dark amorphous mass about the size of a football move across the ceiling and disappear. She had turned to get a spoon out of the kitchen draw when it caught her eye. She watched as the mass slowly changed shape several times before it simply disappeared into the ceiling. It was then decided to set up a camera in the kitchen and leave it photograbbing the area of the ceiling for a few ours.


7.34am. Sue and myself were drawn to the bottom of the stairs after hearing movement upstairs. To our disappointment, it was Mr. Fadden getting up. We then realised it was time for us to pack up. By 8.00am, Mrs. Fadden was in the kitchen making us some breakfast whilst Mr. Fadden tried to probe us in regards what we may have experienced throughout the night. We did not want to go into too much depth. We simply told him that we had heard a noise on the landing and that Sue thought she may have seen something. We would have to go through the photos, audio and video recordings before we can say for sure what was experienced. The following day not only revealed the strange noise we had captured on the audio recorder but also a strange dark orb that was captured on photograph in the kitchen by Peter on his camera…


We had arranged to visit the Fadden's the following weekend to reveal our findings and to discuss what to do next, however our plans were cut short after receiving a telephone call from Mr. Fadden on the Thursday evening.


We were shocked to find out that he had gone down to his caravan with his wife. He explained that on Wednesday the local vicar accompanied with two associates had visited the property to talk with them and to conduct a blessing which involved going into each room of the house. After which they stayed for a short time to talk to them about being a stronger family unit and accepting God into their lives. They left with the understanding that the family were to visit the Church the following week to further discuss their situation.


However during the early hours of Thursday morning. Something quite horrific took place. Mrs. Fadden had woke around 3.30am. She was feeling a little cold and realised that the covers had been pulled off her. Blaming her husband she gathered the bedspread and pulled it up around her. A few second later she felt the covers being tugged from her grasp. They were being pulled off her from the bottom of the bed. Suddenly fearing something strange was happening Mrs. Fadden sat up and looked down at the bottom of the bed. As her eyes focus she could make out a dark shape moving. As she let out a scream, grabbing at her husbands arm she felt a cold hand grab at her ankle. Kicking and screaming out for him to wake up she felt herself being pulled down the bed. It was as if her husband was drugged or something. He simply would not wake up. Mrs. Fadden kicked furiously as she screamed out for her husband.


Just as she thought she was losing the battle the cold hand let go of her ankle. She quickly shot up on to the bed diving at her husband and wrapping her arms around him. At this point Mr. Fadden woke up to find his wife screaming and crying. He quickly reached over to the bedside lamp and switched it on. Mrs. Fadden was in a right state, he had never seen her so upset. Whatever it was that had grabbed her had seemingly disappeared leaving Mrs. Fadden’s left ankle red and inflamed looking.


Clearly the vicars attendance to their home had not been beneficial. It would seem that things had suddenly got worse. It took a few hours for Mrs. Fadden to calm down. They had stayed up the rest of the night discussing their options. By 7.00am they had decided to leave the house and temporarily live at the caravan until they sold the house. Mr. Fadden would be left to sort all the belongings and putting the house up for sale. Also, their son Michael was to live at his friends flat whilst attending university.


It would seem that our investigation had suddenly and abruptly come to a close... Over the following weeks I visited the vicar and discussed with him  Mrs. Fadden's experience and why they felt it best to leave their home. I also kept in contact with the Fadden's and later sent a report to them.


The family home was eventually sold to a Mr. and Mrs. Horton in October of 2005 for a knock down price of £75,500. The Fadden’s eventually purchased another house in Radcliffe, Manchester where they now reside. Michael now has his own flat and living with his girlfriend. Since the family fled their home they have had no experiences. In February of 2006 I visit the Horton's and explained to them that a few odd things was reported to have taken place at their home, but both Mr. and Mrs. Horton could not think of anything unusual that had taken place since they had moved in. Only that their pet poodle on occasion would sometimes bark at a seemingly empty corner of the room...



Compiled by Steve Mera

Special Thanks to Sue Walker & Peter Owens.


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