The following Guidelines have been constructed not only to assist our members and investigators but also to protect the organisation and assist with difficult decision making. The following Guidelines were constructed by Steve Yarood & Steve Mera and must be adhered to...


Section 1 - Public Responsibility.


■  1a. Criminal Activity :

If unlawful actions against persons or property are discovered during the course of investigation, any findings will be reported to the appropriate authority as soon as is reasonably possible.


■  1b. MAPIT and the Law :

All MAPIT representatives must conduct themselves in a lawful manner. Truthful and accurate testimony must be given in a Court of Law, should this be required. Case Investigation Reports must be made available to the Police, legal representatives and other official bodies if requested. Full co-operation must be given and matters of National Security must be taken into consideration. Any unauthorised documents

received must be immediately forwarded to MAPIT Head Office for return to the appropriate authority or destruction if necessary.


■  1c. Trespassing :

Unauthorised access of prohibited areas is not permissible. Entry or attempted entry into areas of private property must not occur without prior consent from the appropriate individual or organisation.


■  1d. Safety :

All persons acting on MAPIT's behalf must take responsibility for their own safety and welfare. No action should be taken which could potentially endanger the physical or psychological well-being of any third party. Damage to property must be avoided; if accidental breakage should occur, then this must be rectified as soon as is reasonably possible.


■  1e. Copyright :

All written sources used must be fully referenced. Permission must be obtained for publication of material produced by an outside third party. All Investigation Case Reports are copyright of MAPIT and the case investigator(s). Full credit must be given to colleagues if their work is used in reference to any report or research undertaken, unless otherwise requested.


■  1f. Discrimination :

Discrimination must not take place against others on grounds of gender, age, race, religion or disability. Any infringement of this clause must be reported immediately to MAPIT Head Office.


Section 2 - Witnesses.


■  2a. Regressive Hypnosis :

All persons acting upon MAPIT's behalf must avoid the use of regressive hypnosis. This must not be used under any circumstances. If any witness insists on the use of hypnosis, our involvement in their case must cease, with a written explanation given to both the witness and MAPIT Head Office. The NHP (No Hypnosis Policy) was enforced in August 1996.


■  2b. Professional Distance :

A professional distance must be maintained between investigator and witness until the relevant case is closed or suspended. Witnesses may be given a MAPIT Membership Application Form only after their case becomes inactive.


■  2c. Interviewing Witnesses :

The details of all persons present should be properly recorded. Two investigators should be present. If the witness is female or under the age of eighteen years, then a female investigator must be in attendance. Requests by a witness for a third party to be present should be permitted and if a minor is interviewed, the an appropriate adult (of the minor's choice) must be present and a consent form filled in. Interviews should be recorded on audio or video tape unless the witness objects, in which case written notes only must be taken. All witnesses should be permitted to describe their experience without any questioning, theorising, prompting or intervention from Investigators. Questions should only be asked after the witness has had the opportunity to express their point of view. Investigators' personal theories and conclusions must be noted as such in any ensuing report. If witness co-operation is withdrawn, this should be respected and no further contact made unless the witness gets in touch first. All interviews should be arranged, in advance, by appointment.


■  2d. Confidentiality :

All witnesses maintain the right to have their personal details withheld. There is a section dealing with this on the Report Form. All investigators must point this section out to witnesses and confirm whether or not confidentiality is required. Only edited case reports should be made available to outside sources (unless legal requirements indicate otherwise) remembering to use pseudonyms if witness confidentiality is required. All other identifying factors (location, time, date, circumstances) should be removed from any edited Case Investigation Report if disclosure of such information could be construed as compromising witnesses' personal or professional integrity.


■  2e. Keeping Witnesses Informed :

Any witness should be provided with conclusions regarding their case if this information is requested. Of course, on some occasions a more suitable conclusion may be required.


Section 3 - MAPIT Policy.


■  3a. Press & Media Liaison :

Investigators should conduct any dealings with the media responsibly. You are a representative of MAPIT and, as such, are urged to avoid sensationalism and promote scientific and objective research and investigation. Any investigator bringing the public image of MAPIT into disrepute will undergo disciplinary proceedings.


■  3b. Personal Appearance & Conduct :

MAPIT representatives should be of tidy appearance and apply high standards of personal hygiene when dealing with the media, the public, witnesses and also when in attendance at conferences, events and public meetings. Foul language should be avoided. Respect for others should be taken into consideration and appropriate behaviour used at all times.


■  3c. Drugs and Alcohol :

Drug abuse will not be tolerated. It is illegal and unprofessional. In addition, misuse of drugs can affect short-term memory, thus making any investigative conclusions unreliable. MAPIT operates a zero tolerance stance with any investigator participating in the illegal use of drugs and will remove such individuals from our organisation immediately, revoking their Investigator's Licence and imposing a lifetime ban on their involvement with us. Alcohol intake must be moderated while on active investigation to avoid intoxication and any resulting lack of credibility.


■  3d. Research and Investigation :

As an active research and investigation organisation, MAPIT urges its investigators to participate in at least two investigations per year. A brief report of how a case is progressing should be forwarded to MAPIT Head Office within three months of any investigation being actioned. Investigators should be responsible for generating their own case sources via public liaison. In the event of no new information becoming available, existing case files should be reassessed and objective scientific research into anomalous phenomena undertaken.


■  3e. Politics :

MAPIT is a politics-free organisation. Any individual who ridicules colleagues, undermines MAPIT's credibility or indulges in unnecessary outbursts of politics will be dealt with severely by MAPIT Head Office.


■  3f. Psychics and Mediums :

MAPIT is a scientific organisation and as such does not use mediums and psychics in the course of investigation. However, their use may be permitted in research projects provided that the research is carried out under scientific conditions. Permission must be applied for in advance, from MAPIT Head Office. Individuals claiming to have ESP abilities will be independently assessed and MAPIT Head Office must be informed in order that appropriate arrangements may be made.


■  3g. Personal Issues :

Problems and issues of a personal nature must not be brought into MAPIT. Complaints can be given in writing if necessary.


■  3h. High Profile Cases :

High profile cases should only be undertaken by experienced investigators. However, every investigator deserves their chance of involvement. This is considered as practical experience.


■  3i. Friends and Family :

Cases involving close friends and family members should not be undertaken; they should be passed on to MAPIT Head Office so that an objective investigation may take place.


■  3j. Offensive Behaviour :

Personal attacks on investigators will not be tolerated and may result in disciplinary action being taken.


■  3k. Contact Times :

MAPIT representatives should not be telephoned beyond a reasonable hour unless there is a dire emergency. The MAPIT 24 hour telephone number should be used, if needed.


■  3l. Documents :

Original master copies of reports must be kept by the investigator(s) responsible for each individual case. Copies of all letters sent out during a case must be kept on file for future reference.


■  3m. Independent Decision Making :

MAPIT is run by a chairman, and does have others that have MAPIT at their best interest. Certain difficult decision making can be brought forward at MAPIT discretion and active members can be asked to vote on certain decisions. Such decisions will be taken on a majority vote after members have been briefed on all the facts.


■  3n. Attendance :

MAPIT members and investigators are asked to attempt to attend whatever meetings may be set, as this . There are no strict rules of attendance. MAPIT do require participation.


■  3o. Register of Areas of Expertise :

This will be an invaluable tool for investigators, so they can know who to ask for advice on particular subjects.


■  3p. Meetings & Mini-Talks :

It would be good experience for people to put together a small talk (15 minutes). This is good practice for members and helps lead the way for media work. Members must feel comfortable in front of a camera if they are to be involved in the media side of things.


■  3q. Independence & Non-Profit Making :

MAPIT is a Non-Profit Making organisation and do not charge for any form of research or investigative procedures. However, we do accept donations. Investigators are independent and therefore can investigate or associate with any organisations. Such organisations must not be Profit Making or a Company. This could bring MAPIT into dispute. If so, please let MAPIT know.


■  3r. Investigators Training Days :

Investigators are asked to participate in at  least one investigators training session per year. This training session can be carried out via use of a private internet conference.


■  3s. Breach of MAPIT Guidelines :

All breaches of the MAPIT Guidelines must be reported in writing to MAPIT Head Office.




If you have any queries regarding any of the guidelines, please contact MAPIT Head Office as soon as possible. Remember... These guidlines are not set in stone, they are the product of working with organisations for over 20 years and are listed in hope of assisting with difficult decision making. It is members and investigators responsibility to make sure that they always have this document. If lost or misplaced you will require a replacement as soon as possible. The document above can be printed out and kept.

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