Interesting Cases From Around The World.

This page is dedicated to those who have conducted some of the thousands of investigations around the world...


Some of these investigations are of UFOs, paranormal phenomena and other subjects of anomalous phenomena.


Some of the material you are about to read may have been wrote by those not directly associated with the investigation. Others may have been compiled by active investigators themselves.


We would like to thank the original writers of the following articles who have spent much time and effort in their compilations. Please take the time to read through some of these fascinating and well documented investigations...


Interesting Cases Listed:


■ The South Shields Poltergeist Case.

■ Spring Heeled Jack.

■ Tunguska 1908.

■ Brazilian Poltergeist.

■ Zugun Poltergeist.

■ Amherst Poltergeist.

■ Jal 1628 UFO Case.

■ The Marfa Light.