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Residential Investigation: Case No. 26418

Sighting of green balls of light

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Residential Investigation

Case No. 26418

Investigation carried out privately

on behalf of the clients.

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Carrington lies bang in between Flixton, Partington, Irlam, Davyhume and Sale in the UK, which are all towns in Cheshire. As you come off the M62 Motorway onto the Carrington slip road your suddenly greeted by the immense sight of Carrington Shell Refinery, along with Gas, Chemical and Electrical plants. It is this area that has been haunted by the UFO phenomena for many years. One of the first reported incidents took place in 1976.


The Huge Object.

During the Spring of 1976, five anxious shoppers were waiting for the local Carrington bus to take them to Sale centre. The bus arrived and they got on. A few minutes later one of the passengers turned to another and said, 'Can you see that, what is it'. All were eventually looking at a huge object, about the size of a football pitch hanging motionless in the air over Shell Refinery. They all described the object as rectangular in shape with large bright white lights that were set behind some type of grid structure. The object started to move silently and slowly over towards Irlam. Meanwhile, Sergeant Butts, and another police officer were travelling down Washway Road in Sale when their attention was drawn skyward. In the distance they saw a huge rectangular object moving away from them. When witnesses informed the police and showed drawings of the object they had done, police officers were surprised to find that they were identical to those Sargent Butts and his accompanying officer had drawn.


Great Balls of Light.

Green fireballs or globes of light are not often reported, however, when one bothers to research these particular phenomena you fine that they have been reported world wide. Three emerald-green objects were seen by Mr. Gerry Mitchell, a former Royal Airforce pilot, in May 178, moving slowly over the Carrington Shell Refinery. When the United States Airforce's Project Twinkle investigated a similar phenomenon in New Mexico in 1950, they noticed that where ever the set up their equipment, the UFOs moved to another location, suggesting that they possessed - or were guided by some form of intelligence. These green objects are seen almost every year. As to what they are remains a mystery. Carrington Shell Refinery stated 'We've no idea what the balls of light could be, we do know however, that they are nothing to do with escaping gases from the plant etc'.


Flying Triangles.

During the summer of 1994 we were contacted by a very distressed woman. She told us about a remarkable experience. She and two friends were travelling in a car down Carrington Lane near the refinery when she looked to her left and spotted a small triangular shaped craft slowly moving across a field. She shouted out for her friend to stop the car. They pulled over and jumped out of the vehicle. She watched as the object started to move towards them. It was completely black in colour and was about 20 feet from the ground. As the object passed over a hedge a column of bright blue light dropped to the ground. She explained how the column of light did not defuse as it normally would when passing through a hedge. It was as if the light was solid. It kept the same shape, not like a torch. A torch lights more of an areathe further away it reaches.


She watched the object move silently over the road and across into the opposite field. She became distressed when she found to her surprise, that her two friend could not see the object as she did. The two friends claimed to have seen a slow moving aircraft, but both were not too shore about the nights events. They said that the aircraft did not seem real in some way. An investigation found no other witnesses. This seems to be common, even the huge object seen in 1976 only had 9 witnesses, when in fact half the North West should have seen this thing. I suppose that's what makes the UFO phenomena so unusual.


The 1996 UFO Flap.

In February of 1996, we were inundated with UFO reports of large triangular objects. These stretched from Bowdon to Cholton and wait for it.... 'Carrington'. Amongst the witnesses were three police officers,  4 security officers from Cortorl Chemicals on Barton Dock Road, Salford and at least 35 independent witnesses. All described the same objects. Large dark coloured, triangular shaped objects, with bright lights on them. One witness was asked to draw the object as seen when it passed over her....


The above picture represents the object as seen passing over Urmston Road, Urmston, Manchester. The witness watched it for over ten minutes before shooting off towards Salford. All together there were 19 witnesses in Urmston that share the same story.


The 2002 UFO Flap.

In September 2002 there were 11 UFO incidents reported. Numerous lights had been seen to dart off at high velocity, also a large triangular object had allegedly been seen by several witnesses travelling in a coach. But by far the most impressive was the sighting of a large rectangular shaped craft. Four middle-aged witnesses saw 'a huge dark oblong ... it was dark grey in colour, a kind of blackish metal covering. The witnesses could not be sure of what the front end was like but they thought it was a cone shape and on this was a huge pulsating red light. The light itself was the apparent size of the full moon. This pulsed at a slow rate about once every three seconds ... Most of the time the light was off. It came suddenly, grew bright, quickly faded and then came on about 3 seconds later. The witnesses said that the size of the thing was amazing. it seemed to take so long to pass over and it seemed ages before they saw the back of it. The sighting occurred close to the Shell Carrington oil refinery and as it approached the area it was shining a large floodlight, like those used at sports events, with a panel visible between the lights. The object slowly moved across tyhe sky and disappeared off into distance. The witnessses were amazed at the fact that it had not been seen and reported by hundreds of people.


The 2009 UFO Flap.                                                                                                                              

July 25th 11:00pm. Four white lights flying in formation in a north westerley direction were seen by several witnesses. The objects were seen to be travelling faster than normal aircraft speed. They reported no noise as the objects passed over gracefully. On August 4th large ball of orange lights seemed to come out of nowhere. Four witnesses reported watching the objects travelling fast then changing direction to the East.   On August 14th a witness contacted MAPIT. His account follows... ‘I was outside my house about 7:30 PM enjoying the evening sky when I looked to the west and saw a very large, white lighted circular shape. The light was extremely close to the ground about 2000 feet and about 10 miles away to the west. I watched for about 5 minutes and the object never moved. I first thought it was a helicopter with a search light: however a helicopter happened to fly in front of the object, and clearly was much smaller than what I was seeing. The helicopter was much closer to me, so if the object was a helicopter then it would have appeared smaller due to the fact it was further west than the helicopter. I also saw a red light much higher to the northwest that also never moved for the 5 minutes but had to be around 20,000 ft in altitude. Both objects remained for around 25 minutes before fading away to nothing’.


Whatever the attraction... Carrington certainly seems a hot spot for UFO activity...



Compiled by Steve Mera.