Of all witnesses I feel are credible, are sweet little old ladies. Mrs. Spittle, an elderly woman from Stretford had been looking out of her flat window situated on Urmston Rd on the evening of February 8th. She had been sat watching television when she heard a bit of a commotion outside. She got up and looked out of her window. There were a few young teenagers playing about outside. She thought nothing more of it and went to sit back down. However as she did, something up in the sky caught her eye... She was amazed to see a huge triangular craft flying at low level and moving slowly. She described the object having three bright lights on it and a large red light in the center. Mrs. Spittle lived on the fifth floor of a five story block of flats and had an excellent view of the object. She watched as the object moved slowly, then stop then dart backwards and forwards a few times and then stop again.


Mr. Spittle watch the object for a couple of minutes before fetching a neighbour. Mr. Tompson from next door came into the flat and watched the object before it shot off towards Manchester Town Center. Both said the craft was huge, made no sound and moved as if it wasn't real... It would seem that a number of witnesses claimed to have seen the object/objects move off towards the Carrington area. Even though Carrington is no stranger to UFO sightings I could not find any evidence to the object/objects being seen there. Of course, the unusual thing about UFO sightings is that why only several people seem to see them when in fact thousands should have done?

Further sightings were being reported right across the country...

Adam Spencer a CID Police Officer and his father Ray, a retired police officer were out in Stretford that night. Adam had been watching an unusual light in the sky for at least 20 minutes whilst eating his tea at a local cafe. When he left he was surprised to see the light hovering in the distance over Manchester. Adam had seen many police helicopters and refuses to believe it was anything but unusual. He described the object as a dark triangular craft, illuminated with bright powerful white lights. Adam rushed to his car and grabbed his instamatic camera but on pressing it he realised that the batteries had gone flat. In his disappointment Adam wrote down the details of his sighting and both Adam and Ray later stated that they had never seen anything like it before. Ray who was a little bit of a sceptic said 'It was truly unusual'.

Sightings took place over and in the vicinity of the Shell Oil Refinery in Carrington, Chechire.

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Alias Salt & Green - A UFO Mystery

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In February of 1996 I was travelling back from a friends house in Old Trafford, Manchester when I saw something strange in the sky. Some unusual lights shot backwards and forwards before disappearing. I watched the lights for a minutes or so before they simply vanished, as if they had simply turned off like a light bulb. On arriving home I informed my partner and she told me that the neighbour next door had called round to tell her that Talk Radio were talking live to four students near Old Trafford Cricket ground who had apparently seen an unusual object in the sky. By the time I had turned the radio on and tuned into the right station I had missed the on air interviews. So, I went off to bed with the thought of contacting Manchester International Airport.

The following day I telephoned M.I.A. to see if I could obtain any information in regards last night sightings. Eventually I got put through to an Air Traffic Control officer who told me that the airport was in fact closed that evening due to runway maintenance and aircraft were diverted to East Midlands. I was also told that their radar would not have been pointing towards South Manchester so picking anything up would of been an impossability. Finally the officer informed me that there had been no reported sightings to them. I thanked him for his assistance and put the phone down. I sat for a while thinking about what he had told me. Something just didn't sit well with me. I decided then to make an official reported sighting to them. I got back in touch and this time talked with someone else. As soon as I had mentioned I wanted to report an unusual object in the sky over Old Trafford last night, the officer asked if he could go through some questions with me. I of course agreed. The officer sounded like he was reading the questions from a Ministry of Defence sighting form. He asked me if there was an unusual stillness in the air during my sighting and if I had noticed any unusual feelings. Odd questions, yet I was aware of these simply because its the exact questions on our own UFO sighting report forms. After he finished questioning me I asked him if there had been other reported sightings. He replied 'Yes, there had been quite a number of them last night and that we were just about to contact R.A.F West Drayton'.

Interesting... The first officer I had talked to just a few minutes ago had told me that there had been no reported sightings, yet this officer told me the opposite. What was going on...? I decided to contact several newspapers in hope of obtaining and details from witnesses that may have reported their sightings to them. One such newspaper, 'The Area News, situated in Old Trafford, Manchester were very helpful. I talked with the receptionist who informed me that some of her staff had seen the unusual lights themselves. A reported from the Metro News, a spill-over of the Manchester Evening News telephoned me. He interviewed me for an article over the phone and afterwards he gave me the telephone number of a gentleman called Mike who was apparently one of the student witnesses that had been on the Talk Radio show and that he did not want to talk with the media.

I contacted Mike and told him that I was investigating the reported sightings in Old Trafford. At first he was alarmed that someone had obtained his telephone number. I stressed to him the importance of information. Mike was most upset that the radio station had given out his telephone number. I eventually convinced Mike to tell me what he saw. I was in for a shock! It turned out the Mike and the other three students were not students at all, but on duty police officers. I couldn't believe my luck. The four police officers were on duty that night and had seen a strange object darting about the sky. Mike described the object as triangular shaped with a small square shape on the front of it. As they watched they could see that there was some type of metal structure underneath. The officers who worked at Talbot Road Police Station was directly opposite Lancashire County cricket ground where the object was seen in the sky.

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